What not to wear at Timberlane Regional High School

What not to wear

Excerpts from the Timberlane Regional High School student handbook for 2012-2013 (pages 30-31):

Under the dress code policy “all students both males and females will be required to wear tops (shirts/blouses/dresses) that have sleeves, a modest neckline, i.e. no cleavage, and that are long enough to cover beyond their waist. The length of shorts, skirts, or dresses may be no shorter than mid-thigh, i.e., half way between the inseam and the knee cap.”  


Clothing advertising or related to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, or tobacco products is prohibited, as is clothing or accessories that “through word or design suggest intolerance or lack of respect to others on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, social or economic background, or sexual orientation.”  

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In addition, any clothing or accessory that, “in the opinion of the administration, is considered provocative, obscene, profane, threatening, dangerous, or immodest,” is a violation of the new dress code. This includes “sleeveless shirts/tops/dresses; exposed underwear or undergarments; see-through attire; exposed shoulders; backless tops; exposed cleavage; [and] exposed midriffs.”  

All head coverings, i.e. caps, hats, bandanas and hairnets; facial masks; sunglasses; pajamas and slippers also are banned.