Law firm helps city collect more taxes

The city has collected more than $1.2 million in outstanding taxes with help from a Boston law firm. Last October, the city hired D’Ambrosino Brown LLP to assist with handling tax-title properties. A tax title is a court lien that allows a municipality to take ownership of a property for nonpayment of taxes. Owners have an opportunity to redeem the property by paying the outstanding taxes. Prior to collecting the $1.2 million, the city had been collecting only about $200,000 to $250,000 annually in tax-title revenue. The city is also planning to hold its first public auction of properties taken by tax title in more than 25 years. The auction is scheduled for May 21 at City Hall. For more information and details of the properties to be auctioned, contact the city’s treasurer/collector, Timothy Donovan, at 781-897-5873.