New Burlington field needs more time to grow

The town’s new multipurpose field at the Mary P.C. Cummings Estate is seeing some limited use this spring, but it could be another year before the town can begin to take full advantage of it, according to Don Lorinovich, the town’s director of parks and recreation. The natural turf field was seeded last August, and in order to allow the grass to grow, the town has kept it roped off. While the grass is not fully grown, the town has agreed to allow Burlington’s youth lacrosse program to use the field from mid-April to mid-June, when the field will be closed again, most likely until next spring. Lorinovich said that had the grass been left entirely undisturbed, the field might have been fully open by this fall. But he said the grass has not suffered significantly from the limited use. “They are being very careful,” he said of the lacrosse group. “When it rains and it’s wet, they don’t use it.” The field is at Blanchard Road off South Bedford Street, within the overall 200-acre estate. The city of Boston, which holds the estate in trust, has allowed Burlington to build and manage the field under a licensing agreement.