City makes plans to combat flooding

The city has come up with a plan to relieve chronic flooding problems in the area west of Central Square. According to Mayor Scott D. Galvin, about 700 acres in the area of Hart Street, Rose Farm Drive, Wright Street, Linden Circle, Hamilton Road, and Park Street have historically been prone to flooding. The area includes the Spence Farm property, part of which the city now owns and other portions of which are targeted for development. The city has devised a two-part strategy to ease the problem. One part calls for cleaning about 150 feet of 48-inch drain culverts that have become clogged with dirt. The other involves installing about 2,500 feet of new 24-inch storm drain lines in the Hart Street area leading to Town Meadow Brook, according to city engineer Jay Corey. The estimated $1.5 million project, now entering the final design stage, is being paid for with city funds authorized by the City Council two years ago as part of a $6.7 million drainage improvement bond. Construction is scheduled for 2014.