Group aims to appeal CVS decision

A local grass-roots group is working to raise funds to appeal the Zoning Board of Appeals decision to approve a new CVS store at the corner of Washington and Swanton streets. The zoning board voted to approve the project in July, but the decision will not be official until it is filed in writing with the town clerk’s office. The board has 90 days following a vote to file a written decision. As of Monday the decision had not been filed, according to the town clerk’s office. Once it is, there will be a 20-day appeals period, town officials said. During that time, a third party can appeal the zoning board’s decision. The opposition group Neighbors for Rational Growth said it believes several aspects of the project, including parking spaces and fire lanes, do not conform to Winchester’s zoning bylaw. Residents have voiced displeasure with the CVS proposal, citing concerns about traffic congestion and the effect the new store would have on nearby downtown businesses.