Planning Board posts fall Town Meeting articles

The Planning Board has posted a list of articles to be considered at the fall Town Meeting on the town’s website. One article would amend the zoning bylaw to establish medical marijuana overlay districts in specified areas of Billerica Avenue and Republic, Esquire, and Sterling roads. Another would allow proposals, subject to Town Meeting vote, for developments that incorporate commercial, industrial, residential, and/or open space uses, alone or in combination, for a specific site comprising at least 2 acres. A third would revise the definition of light manufacturing and create a new definition for recycling center, allowing future recycling centers only in refuse transfer station specialty districts as approved by Town Meeting; any existing recycling center would become a nonconforming use. Today there are four recycling centers in Billerica. This particular zoning bylaw amendment was proposed in response to concerns expressed about the existing recycling centers. For more information, including the full text of the proposed articles, see Fall Town Meeting is scheduled to begin Oct. 1 at Town Hall, 365 Boston Road.