Eventful two-day Town Meeting brings many changes

Town Meeting recently authorized the town to petition the Legislature to issue an additional 12 all-alcoholic licenses and two beer-and-wine licenses. In other business during a two-day session, the meeting rejected a request by Gutierrez Co. to rezone 15.3 acres on Wheeler Road, often referred to as “The Canyon,” to develop an office building. The vote was 60 in favor to 35 opposed, short of the two-thirds margin needed. The meeting approved a number of spending requests. Included was $1.995 million to purchase land on Great Meadow Road, potentially for a fire station; and $925,000 to renovate Simonds Park and the town common, contingent on the town’s receipt of a $400,000 state grant. The meeting voted to allow the town to purchase electricity in bulk to save on electricity rates. It approved a request by Oracle America to rezone property on Van de Graaf Drive to construct a parking garage on the site, part of its campus off South Bedford Street. The meeting approved a general bylaw regulating outdoor lighting in residential areas, but a zoning bylaw that would have regulated outdoor lighting in all other areas was defeated.