Help the Globe add to the dog name database

What’s the most popular dog name and breed in your town? There’s still time to join dozens of Globe readers in seeking those answers under the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

The Globe is looking for people in Greater Boston communities to file requests with their city or town to obtain local dog license information. The filings will be done through our partner in this venture,, a service that helps people file public records requests.

Through MuckRock, filing a request with a city or town clerk for dog names and breeds is a simple process. More information on how it can be done is available at


As the requests are answered, the Globe will publish charts showing the most popular names and breeds for each community.

The Globe has already obtained information for 13 Greater Boston communities. Of the 50,000 names examined, the most popular were Bella, Max, Buddy, Bailey, and Molly. But you’ll notice a few differences from town to town in the accompanying chart.

Matt Carroll

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