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    Two fire engines are out of service

    The town is seeking a long-term solution to address the recent sidelining of two of its fire engines. According to Fire Chief Michael Hazel, the town had to take two of its three primary fire engines — one built in 2002 and the other in 1999 — out of service after an annual inspection found severe corrosion and cracks in their frame rails. To temporarily replace those trucks, the town is using its 1994 reserve engine truck and a 1994 reserve truck that it has borrowed from the Wilmington Fire Department and is purchasing for $12,000. Hazel said the town is evaluating if it would be more cost-effective to fix or to replace the two disabled trucks, but is leaning toward replacement. If the town chooses to replace them, one option would be to purchase trucks previously leased by other fire departments. Hazel said the town has identified some fire trucks coming off of a lease in Texas that appear to offer a good opportunity in terms of price and quality. Hazel emphasized that in the interim, “the town is well protected with the equipment we currently have. We are covering all our stations with engines capable of putting fires out with the crews we have.”