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Weymouth voters divided on proposed $6.5 million tax hike

Weymouth voters will head to the polls on Aug. 4 to decide whether to override Proposition 2 ½ and raise an additional $6.5 million in property taxes. The town has not voted to override the statute’s tax limits for 25 years.

The Argument: Should Quincy host volleyball in the 2024 Olympics, if Boston gets the Games?

Read two views on the question and vote in our online poll.

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In Uniform

News about members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard in our communities.

Beverly Beckham

In the thick of hard days, remember what really matters

Every day that someone you love is not in a hospital is a good day. That’s it, plain and simple. Nothing else matters. I know this. I’ve been taught this again and again. And yet, I am constantly forgetting, sweating the small stuff and making mountains out of molehills.


Polo anyone? School in Hamilton trying to make sport more accessible

Riders young and old are often hooked after an initial lesson with Boston Polo School owner/instructor Mark Tashjian


Mansfield to vote Sept. 15 on $35 million complex

The final funding measure for the $35 million municipal complex proposed in Mansfield will go before local voters at a special town election on Sept. 15.

Things to look for in a preschool

Specialists say keep your eye on these factors when selecting a preschool for your child.

How to pick the right preschool for your child

Preschool is founded on play -- experts say it’s how children learn best. But not all play is the same. How, then, should parents decide what school is right for their child? They can readily compare cost and location, but quality is tougher to discern.

After brief decline, foreclosures are up again in Greater Boston

Foreclosure numbers through May are up compared with 2014, as lenders push through a backlog of delinquent loans.

State gains 690 acres of undeveloped land in Lakeville and Freetown

The purchase will expand the Freetown-Fall River State Forest and the larger Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve.


GlobeSouth: Noteworthy performances

East Bridgewater’s Mike Kelly hit .345 with a 5-1 mark on the hill for Hawkeye AC in its run to American Legion state tourney.

A burglar gets comfortable, a man finds a stranger in his car, and a thief strikes Victoria’s Secret

A burglar gets comfortable, a man finds a stranger sitting in his car, and a thief strikes Victoria’s Secret.

The Argument

The Argument: Should the state allow trappers to use body-grip traps during the trapping season?

Read two views on the question and vote in our online poll.


Catching Up With ... Adam Tempesta, Brockton High/UMass baseball

A four-year starting second baseman for the Minutemen, he still holds program records for doubles and games played.

Blotter tales


// Dude, where’s my car?

A man drives off with the wrong car, a beer pong tournament gets out of hand, and DPW workers get scolded in this edition of Blotter Tales.

Cartoon Caption Contest

// Cape Escape

Send us your submissions for this week’s cartoon, and see the winning caption and finalists from last week’s contest.

On The Move

on the move

// Getting a high falling from the sky

“. . . For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to fly like a bird. I thought skydiving would be the closest I could get to being a bird, the calm, serene, gliding through the air, taking in the earth below.”

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Interactive Graphic

// High school concussions

See the number of concussions reported by area high schools with a sortable table.