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Letter: Laws should be followed by all

Yinping Lin

Kong Xin Chen (right) of Marshfield, pictured with his wife, Ping, and children Grace and Jason, is now back at home.

I am a first-generation Chinese-American. My parents came legally from Hong Kong to California in the 1950s. Our family was very poor. My father worked in a Chinese restaurant as a prep cook while my non-English-speaking mother stayed at home caring for her six daughters.

Despite adverse conditions and with the loving encouragement of our parents, my sisters and I persevered. We studied hard, went to college, and have prospered in the professional world. Two of my sisters work for prestigious universities, two are journalists in the mainstream media, and one is an artist. I earned a master’s degree in music at the University of the Pacific and taught first grade in a California public school for nearly 25 years.


I am a strong believer that immigration laws must be enforced. Your story (“Lawmakers back local immigrant,’’ March 1) did not include one single enforcement advocacy organization (even though there are many), which would have given it much-needed balance.

There are many unanswered questions in the Chen case. The biggest may be how he managed to own and operate a business for years without legal work authorization. And, if you’ll forgive me, “miscommunication’’ with his lawyer seems a little vague and might be a cover for simply ignoring his deportation order.

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My parents followed the laws. I can see no reason that others should not do the same.

Wendy Lau Lodi, Calif.

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