Girls high school hockey wins approval

A girls hockey program could be up and running as early as this winter at Stoughton High, following approval by the School Committee. The committee voted 4-1 in favor of the program on May 29, with George Dolinsky opposed. The plan is for the team to compete on the junior varsity level for at least the first year, said athletic director Ryan Donohue, and be coached by high school teacher Richard Grasso on a volunteer basis. Donahue said the $300 athletic user fee per player, coupled with savings such as used equipment and players providing their own transportation, would enable the program to survive financially. Donohue said sign-up sheets had shown eight high school girls and 20 at the middle school interested in playing hockey, and finding 15-20 players committed to playing on the team would be a priority. Dolinsky said he felt establishing a lacrosse program should be a higher priority than girls hockey, and that he doubted the user fees would cover the cost of the program. “We’re going to do our best to make a go of it,” said Donohue.