Letter: Need proof of ill effects before stopping turbine

It seems that a few residents are intent upon worrying the Scituate turbine to its death, if at all possible. (“Health board may put limit on wind turbine’s operation,’’ Oct. 21)

Given that there is no substantial documentation of ill health effects suffered as a result of modern turbine operation, I assume that before taking any serious action, the Board of Health will require documented medical statements from impartial and qualified medical professionals, including ear specialists, before accepting as valid the claims being made about the health effects of the wind turbine.

Furthermore, if the town intends to begin acting on the (thus far undocumented to my knowledge) health impacts of changes made to the local environment, I assume it will authorize a study of the auditory (and other) effects that have been added to the Scituate environment by the restoration of the Greenbush line.


Idling diesels, as well as the sound of locomotives and rail noise — including vibration effects — are heard and felt certainly at least for one-half mile. I assume that many people, just as have I and my family, have worked to become accustomed to those sounds, eventually accepting them as other components of ambient noise.

Allan Greenberg