Opportunity to recycle Styrofoam

The town is offering residents an environmentally friendly way to get rid of Styrofoam packaging left over from holiday presents. On Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, anyone can drop off Styrofoam at Old Avery School, at the town’s first ever Styrofoam-recycling event. The town’s recycling plant does not accept Styrofoam, so until now residents have had no green way to get rid of the material. Town environmental coordinator Virginia LeClair said the Styrofoam collected will go to ReFoamIt, an organization that shrinks and reuses it in new products. Recycling is free for Dedham residents with proof of residence or ID. Non-residents will be charged $1 per bag and $5 per carload. The town asks residents to make sure there is no other trash, such as plastic, mixed with the Styrofoam they bring to recycle. For more information, call 781-751-9213.