Firefighter grateful for support after house fire

A Stoughton firefighter displaced from his Abington home by a Dec. 21 fire said he has been overwhelmed by the support from his fellow firefighters. An electrical problem caused the fire that heavily damaged the Doris Drive home of Jack Hussey, his wife, and daughter, and they have been living with relatives since the blaze. Hussey started his firefighting career as a call firefighter in Abington and knew many of the firefighters from Abington, Rockland, Whitman, and Holbrook who responded to the fire. Stoughton firefighters also responded to the blaze to give him support. Two funds have been set up to aid his family, one by the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts and the other by Stoughton firefighters. “This event, while unfortunate, has given me a new perspective on the aftermath of how a fire like this affects a family,’’ Hussey said, “and I hope to be able to counsel fire victims in the future.”