It’s not the road that’s the problem, it’s the drivers

I read your article, “Towns seek a safer Route 3A,” in the May 12 Globe about the study on traffic congestion.

Although traffic has increased greatly over the years, anyone who drives this route regularly can tell you what the main problem is in the intersections you mentioned. I have seen countless drivers disregard the traffic signals and stop signs along this route. At Beechwood and Route 3A it seems to be the most frequent.

The intersection of Route 3A and Henry Turner Bailey Road was working just fine until the MBTA reconfigured the whole design, creating the problem it is today. It was changed to accommodate increased commuter rail traffic that never happened.


Any money for a study would be better suited to increase the police presence along the road or at least at the intersections mentioned. The problem isn’t the road, it’s the drivers using it.

Janice Lindblom