Flood maps expand, insurance to increase

Scituate officials and waterfront residents are scrambling to protest new flood maps that have widened the flood plain and a new law that will sharply increase flood insurance rates. “Our goal last night is to get the word out to people,” Selectman Tony Vegnani said of Tuesday’s selectmen meeting. “There is only a 90-day appeal period for this, which expires on Oct. 17.” The new maps have added about 500 Scituate homes to the flood zone, mainly along the coast. Town employees are seeking explanations for the change, while others are notifying existing flood insurance holders that their rates will increase 25 percent annually for the foreseeable future until new set rates are achieved. “It’s a two-headed dragon that we’re dealing with,” Vegnani said. According to Selectman John Danehey, Scituate is hoping to host a meeting with FEMA about the changes and may hire an engineer to rebut the alterations. In the meantime, residents should look in to see how they will be affected. “You have to act on your rights . . . we can’t represent every homeowner,” Danehey said.