Out-of-towners banned from homecoming

School officials have banned out-of-towners from the annual Braintree High homecoming dance on Sept. 28, in an effort to keep the event safe. “They have over 1,000 students attend homecoming, and it comes down to safety,” said School Committee chairwoman Shannon Hume. “[Chaperones] know all the Braintree High students, and when there are students coming from out of town, they don’t know them. There is no name or face recognition, so there can be no consequences.” Hume said the change was suggested as part of several other alterations to the 2013-2014 student handbook by Braintree High School Headmaster James Lee. According to Hume, there have been incidents in the past that have warranted the change. The ban on out-of-town guests will not apply to the prom, Hume said.