Grandparents targeted in scam

Hingham seniors have been told to be aware of an ongoing phone scam targeting grandparents. According to police, the latest incident occurred on Dec. 30, when a 77-year-old Hingham grandmother received a call from an unknown number. The caller said he was the woman’s grandson, giving the grandson’s correct name, and said he was arrested for drunk driving. Yet when the woman tried to verify the story with her family, she soon learned the call was a scam and hung up. Hingham police said it is likely the caller would have asked the woman to wire money to allegedly “bail him” out of jail. “The scammer would appeal to their sympathy and plead with them not to tell their parents (to allow them to send the money and not allow them to verify the story),” Hingham police said in a release. Police are urging locals to inform older relatives of the scam, and to verify any calls before wiring money.