Clerk awaiting return of census forms

Town Clerk Marsha L. Silvia’s office recently mailed annual census forms to all households in town. Residents are asked to complete and return the form as soon as possible; it can be mailed to the clerk’s office in Town Hall, or deposited in special drop-off boxes on the first floor of town hall, at the Raynham Housing Authority, 75 Mill St., and at the senior center, 2215 King Philip St. Residents need to be included on their household’s census form to maintain registered-voter status, and qualify for veterans’ and housing benefits, or in-state tuition at state colleges and universities. The town also makes use of census data for planning purposes, and in applying for state and federal grants. “It is very much appreciated when they are returned because it really is important,” Silvia said in an interview. Anyone who did not receive a census form or who needs more information can call the clerk’s office at 508-824-2700.