Town already over budget on snow removal

Like many other communities in the region, Freetown has exhausted its snow and ice removal budget — and then some. Highway surveyor Charles Macomber said that as of last week, the department’s $100,000 budget had been exceeded by nearly $40,000. With spring still months away, Macomber said he would not be surprised if the total cost for snow removal this season is more than triple the original allotment. “When all is said and done, we’ll probably spend $85,000-$100,000 in salt alone,” he said. The Highway Department has a complement of about 30 contractors called on during winter storms, he said. At a recent selectmen’s meeting, board members said they understood the need for additional funding for snow and ice removal, but asked Macomber to provide them with updates after storms. “We just want to know where we stand,” said Paul Sadeck, the board’s chairman. “Chuck does a great job. The quality of work he does on our roads is impeccable.”