Bike path to be repaved

The crumbling, 30-year-old bike path in Pond Meadow Park is set to receive extensive repairs after the Town Council voted Tuesday to fund a repaving project. The commissioners who oversee the popular park, which is run jointly with neighboring Weymouth, told the council that the rehabilitation was urgently needed because of safety and liability concerns. To help offset the $150,000 cost of the work, the two towns have applied for a competitive grant from the state Division of Conservation Services. If the grant is not awarded, the towns will contribute $25,000 each to repair the most heavily damaged section of the trail. Work could begin as early as this summer, but may be delayed because the trail runs near protected wetlands, officials said. Commissioners for the park said the project would repair about half of the trail’s total length. Councilor Chuck Kokoros urged park officials to consider repairing the entire trail in the future. “I'd like to see this approved first,’’ he said, “but I’d also like to see you come back as soon as you can with requests for additional funding so we can finish the entire pathway and eliminate dangers for bicyclists.”