Some express worry on marijuana clinic

Some Newton residents don’t want a medical marijuana dispensary to open in their city even though they don’t have qualms about using weed to treat illnesses.


Hospital to expand emergency care, ICU

The Milford Regional Medical Center has begun a $54 million expansion of its emergency room and Intensive Care Unit.


New law could curtail doggie day care

Belmont town officials are working to reverse the unintended consequences of proposed bylaw amendments that would limit a popular doggie day care’s business.

Sudbury to vote on funds for rail trail

With plans moving forward for the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Acton and Concord, supporters in Sudbury say they don’t want to be left behind.

Leah Stearns, Brookline Sterns, 33, is running to finish the 2013 Boston Marathon

Michele McDonald For the Boston Globe

Seasoned runners, first timers go from Marathon start to finish

Emotionally invested and motivated, seasoned marathoners and first-timers are determined to deliver the run of their lives Monday.

Rene Khachadourian with a lamb-shaped cake, one of his bakery’s annual Easter offerings.

Easter brings brisk business to bakeries

In the back room of Antoine’s Pastry Shop in Newton, where the walls gleam with Peeps-yellow tiles, Frances Khachadourian spoons custard into round pastries.

Artist Carol Wintle’s “Villains and Heroes, Boston, MA, April 2013” was inspired by the bombings at last year’s Marathon.


Collage finds home at Boston Public Library

Carol Wintle saw a marked increase in fear, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping among her clients following the explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Students join Kenyan elite runner Jemima Sumgong for a lap around the grounds of the Elmwood Elementary School in Hopkinton on Thursday, while Wilson Chebet gets an enthusiastic welcome by second- and third-graders in the school’s gymnasium.

A day of cheer for pupils, Kenyans

Third-graders sang and danced to the music for thrilled members of the Kenyan running team in the gymnasium at the Elmwood Elementary School.



Eva Sacharuk of Wenham (left) speaks with Halyna Mushak of Salem as Larissa Gemme listens after Palm Sunday Mass.

Prayers for peace in Ukraine

After Easter Sunday Mass, the Rev. James Morris will bless baskets filled with foods such as kielbasa, sweet bread, and ornately decorated eggs.



Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald Jr. takes aim inside the trailer-truck, where thousands of public safety officers have fired rounds as part of their training.

Trailer training for police

It looks like an ordinary white tractor-trailer with the faintest popping noises tipping off passersby that the cargo is a firing range for law enforcement officers.

Who taught YOU to Drive?

Who Taught You to Drive?

It may not always be apparent, but Massachusetts has laws for bicyclists as well as motorists.

Bicyclists return with spring thaw

It’s become a rite of spring, as regular as buds on trees and Red Sox games. I speak, of course, of the moment one realizes that bicyclists are back on the road.