Communities consider agreement changes

Minuteman High School administrators say the amendment is necessary for the district’s success, but it has raised concerns among some local officials.

Schools rethink Good Friday closing policies

A majority of public schools in the Greater Boston area will be closed on Good Friday, the most solemn of Christian holy days.

Middlesex County reenactors march at Meriam’s Corner.

US National Park Service

Patriots Day weekend: Celebrate history

Patriots Day weekend offers ample opportunities to celebrate and honor the Massachusetts farmers and gentlemen who made up the militia known as the Minutemen.

Curator David Wood displays a print of Amos Doolittle’s engraving “The Battle of Lexington, Plate 4.”

Photos by Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Concord Museum displays the day the War of Independence started

A lantern. A sword. A drum. A hand-written letter. Routine objects, gathered from around the area for a Concord display, weave a fresh look at historic battle.

Glen Magpiong will raise money for ALS, which took his friend and co-coach.

Wellesley coach to bike cross-country for ALS

Glen Magpiong is about to embark on a 3,100-mile bike ride. He has his 76-year-old father to blame for the tortuous road ahead.


Author’s first children’s book is inspired by special cause

When Ellen Gaffney, a Brookline resident of 30 years, decided to write a children’s book, she was not planning to take a research trip to India.

Pat Shannon worked with a malleable, industrial-grade aluminum for her piece depicting a parking space.


For Concord show, works are linked by sense of place

Pat Shannon depicts the textured asphalt of a parking space. Beth Galston recalls the fluid movements and flickering colors of the tropical fish.


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Beverly Beckham

Beverly Beckham

Don’t let the book remain unwritten

I wanted to be like my grandmother. So I wrote out stories for my grandchildren, short, rhyming “Good Night” stories. Later, I decided to publish them.

Who taught YOU to Drive?

Who Taught You to Drive?

It may not always be apparent, but Massachusetts has laws for bicyclists as well as motorists.

Bicyclists return with spring thaw

It’s become a rite of spring, as regular as buds on trees and Red Sox games. I speak, of course, of the moment one realizes that bicyclists are back on the road.