Steep rise in tax bills

Residential property owners will see their tax bills rise an average of $577 this fiscal year, according to the town’s Board of Assessors. For the average single-family home in Framingham, with an assessed value of $340,847, the annual tax bill will be $5,774. The increase is much steeper than in recent years, according to a presentation by assessors on Dec. 19. It showed that last fiscal year’s residential tax bills rose an average of $218 over the fiscal year 2010’s total, and the 2010 figure was $244 higher than 2009’s average bill. The residential tax rate for this year, which has been approved by the state Department of Revenue, is $16.94 per $1,000 of assessed value. The residential rate was $16.03 per $1,000 last fiscal year, $14.52 in 2010, and $12.83 in 2009. To read the Board of Assessor’s presentation, which includes details on the method for determining tax rates, visit www.framinghamma.gov. Property valuations for this year, as well as tax-abatement applications - which are due Feb. 1 - can be found via the assessor’s page on the town website. - Megan McKee