Deadline for CCC camp proposals extended to July 27

The state Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Historic Curatorship Program has extended the deadline for reuse proposals for the two remaining camp buildings and parade grounds once operated by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the Upton State Forest. The new deadline is July 27. The CCC, one of the hallmark agencies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal in the 1930s, provided jobs to unmarried, unemployed men ages 18 to 26 in six-month enlistment intervals, putting them to work on conservation projects such as planting trees and solving erosion problems. According to Kevin Allen, the Historic Curatorship Program’s manager, the property’s administration building, with two long wings and a massive stone fireplace in its central hall, is similar to a CCC structure on Mount Greylock in Adams that has been turned into a successful rustic camping accommodation, Bascom Lodge. The Upton site also has a small house, , and a small parade ground that once held several barracks and a dining hall. According to Allen, a visit to the site can be arranged by calling his office at 617-626-1361.