Real estate sales in the Globe West region


12 Harold St. Sean Lyons to Jeff D. Paradiso and Kim Paradiso, $598,000

107 Webster St. Jeff D. Paradiso and Kim Paradiso to Cynthia S. Tavilla, $425,000

2 Glenbrook Lane, No. 10 Cynthia Lee to Maryam Ahmad and Ahad Hayat, $386,000


34 Heritage Ave. Rajiv Motwane and Sejal R. Motwane to Jonathan P. Bickel and Julie O. Bickel, $570,000

29 Prospect St. Kelly A. Paulson to Thomas J. McCarrick and Teresa A. McCarrick, $170,000


3 Patricia Drive James A. Cronin to Keith M. Ryan and Kristen L. Ryan, $260,500


114 Pine Hill Road Raymond L. Lang and Jeanne S. Lang to Qi Y. Yang, $460,000

2 Genetti Circle Haresh Rangwani to Sirichai Pongcheewin and Malee Pongcheewin, $350,000


15 Highridge Road Glen Sword and Jacqueline Sword to Jessica J. Aronson, $484,100

21 Scott Hill Blvd. Rogjef Inc to Rita Pilis, $339,900

1160 Pulaski Blvd. J M. Haldeman and Naomi F. Haldeman to Khampha Paymong­khoun and Bounchanh Daravong, $242,500


58 Bow Road Kathleen M. Ledyard and Edward F. Delong to Eric Tytell and Irina Tytell, $889,000

9 Henry St. Salley M. Burkart to Nien-Huei Jiang and Xiao-ru Wang, $249,900


40 Randall Road Darlene L. Anstine to Robert G. Holmes and Denise Mahnken, $325,000


6 Spectacle Hill Road Ronald Melanson and Donna L. Melanson to William P. Vancura and Robin W. Vancura, $622,500

68 Vaughn Hill Road David R. Breen and Kathleen H. Breen to Robert Laird and Kathleen C. Laird, $510,000


318 Walnut St. Ross Lazarus and Sarah Lazarus to Michael I. Parzen and Andrea D. Parzen, $1,100,000

30 Beresford Road Borkow Phyllis S. Est and Robert A. Borkow to Thomas L. Cunningham, $775,000

21 Parkman St., No. 3B Prakiran K. Bindignavale and Divya Padmanabhan to Jonathan Varsanik and Sarah Varsanik, $475,000


44 Rodgers Road Eric Stein and Carolyn S. Stein to Gregory A. Decious and Lystra M. Decious, $1,112,500

580 East St. M H. Nickerson LT and Richard D. Nickerson to Andrew R. Beal and Elizabeth M. Beal, $375,000


31 Stone Root Lane Edward P. Miller and Anne P. Miller to John S. Davagian and Amy Davagian, $850,000

468 Sudbury Road Carole M. Wayland and Robert E. Wayland to Kevin Frank and Lori Frank, $735,000

218 Central St. Laila Damon to Boynton Brennan Builders, $430,000


31 Valley Road Rita Walenduk to Parag Tandon, $535,000


218 Warren Road Louis J. Combe and Larissa Combe to Damien K. Browne and Jennifer L. Browne, $481,000

17 Pitt Road Steven Winik and Paula M. Winik to Justin M. Jagher and Stacy N. Jagher, $385,000

17 Tally Ho Lane Paul A. Fischer and Sheila B. Fischer to Anzhelika Vardanyan and Vahan Abrahamyan, $317,000


26 High Ridge Circle David J. Correia and Mildred O. Correia to Gregory J. Caggiano and Joanne E. Caggiano, $855,000

18 Madison Ave. Duane E. Barton T. and Duane E. Barton to Kent Wrobleski and Kendre Betro, $474,205

39 Worsted St. Gerard T. Cedrone to Regina Hudgins, $269,500


86 Massachusetts Ave. Carlton E. Nichols and Catherine T. Nichols to Shawn Macdonald and Rebecca Sewall, $640,000

2 Willow Road Robert W. Harrah and Tami S. Harrah to Tabitha A. Nash, $443,000


8 Meadowbrook Lane Victoria Keith to Hany S. Morcos, $380,000

122 Westfield Drive Karen S. Yin and Sam S. Yin to John Mcgrath and Anne R. Mcgrath, $291,000


5 Pendulum Pass James Doherty and Robin Doherty to Karl A. Schneider and Jill Schneider, $849,900

268 Pond St. Sherie Anderson and Steven Anderson to Thomas A. Principe and Kathryn L. Principe, $515,000


6 Santos Drive Paul F. Rondina and Carole A. Rondina to Christine E. Fowler, $425,000

30 Pierce St. Mark A. Zambrowski and Denise Zambrowski to James M. Goodnow, $305,000

3 Champlain Drive James F. Blais and Lorine D. Blais to James F. Blais and Brian J. Blais, $260,000


7 Castle Road George Ostrow and Ina Ostrow to John Schumacher and Tomi Magome, $1,117,000

31 Young St. Carol A. Shum and Vitus M. Shum to Igor Cherpak and Ekaterina Reznichenko, $580,888

521 Bedford St. Nida N. Nagle T. and Robert Marshall to C. P. Dossantos and Gloria R. Pinto, $305,000


15 Huckleberry Hill Road David Lee and Valerie A. Lee to Eileen Brooks and Mark Brooks, $995,000

82 Virginia Road, No. 104 Phyllis A. Maceachern and John R. Maceachern to William J. Curtis and Elaine A. Curtis, $293,500


5 Whitetail Way James E. Artz and Nicole E. Artz to William J. Bent and Patricia A. Bent, $570,000

26 Deer Run Road Edmond B. Gilpatrick and Jeanine Gilpatrick to Dana E. Gilpatrick and Janna Breitenwischer, $225,000


113 Westminster Drive John L. Place and Mildred E. Place to Alkass T. and Raied M. Alkass, $270,000

64 Millham St. Mark Testagrossa to Mary A. Andrade and Ellen M. Lawrence, $215,000


2 Marble Farm Road Doyle Charles E. Est and John Doyle to Mary J. Moreau and Margaret M. Moreau, $280,000

11 Espie Ave. Curtis Nancy A. Est and Michael Gosselin to 11 Espie Avenue RT and Steven Mcaleer, $217,000


215 Causeway St. Alison E. Brown to William D. Powlis and Roberta A. Powlis, $845,000

66 Foundry St. Peter T. Swaim to William N. Bancroft and Margaret E. Bancroft, $185,000


1 Newton Lane New England Classic Homes to Jonathan Savoy and Kimberly W. Savoy, $720,000

63 Holliston St. David W. Hodgdon and Christian N. Hodgdon to Alexander D. Ferzoco and Pamela J. Ferzoco, $260,000


3 Rosebud Lane Patrick T. Murphy and Danielle M. Murphy to Kevin M. Beauregard and Linnea P. Beauregard, $380,000

3 Eames St. Richard J. Melpignano and David L. Melpignano to Daniel Vargas, $235,500


172 Orchard St. Pasquale Lanzillo to James T. Krimmel and Elizabeth J. Krimmel, $490,000

47 Van Kleeck Road Scott A. Kratochwill and Neillee S. Kratochwill to Scott Peck and Robyn Emerson, $283,500


11 Sassamon Road David C. Kaplan and Karyn P. Kaplan to Kevin Daly, $1,075,000

205 East Central St. Siama Sadri-Azarbayejani to Robert F. Phinney, $435,000


60 Hoover Road Anna Berkenblit and Geraldine A. Sheehan to Alexander S. Widger and Edra S. Widger, $742,500

24 Dale St. Vladimir Taytslin to Denis Gurchenkov and Maria Gurchenkov, $445,000


32 Druid Hill Road Sageet Bar-Yam and Dan Brakha to Abdolnabi S. Sabouri, $1,000,000

235 Cypress St. Karen K. Chan and Brian Z. Zheng to Oren Kaufner and Rachel P. Kaufner, $700,000

251 Webster St. Shaun T. Moran to Robert J. Ryan, $665,000


14 Beaverbrook Road David P. Cedrone and Julie S. Cedrone to Lisa Collentro, $487,500


38 Lydias Way 100 Lincoln Street Inc to Miles J. Kurina and Jane M. Kurina, $547,152

2 Autumn Lane Christopher D. Thompson and Cynthia A. Thompson to Lauren Baker, $345,000


21 Tucker St., No. 11 Ian G. Wedegartner and Eileen T. Wedegartner to Cadagan FT and Glenn F. Cadagan, $191,000


51 Western Ave. Andrew Errico to Daniel Antoniou and Bonnie Matross, $406,000


10 Comstock Drive Qunli Xu and Lan Xu to Manoj Balakrishnan and Roshni Gopimohan, $490,500


42 Sandy Brook Drive Michael E. Babineau and Jill V. Babineau to J. D. Stepp, $392,000

272 Great Road Meaghen Doherty and Melissa E. Doherty to James G. Macdonald, $150,000


55 Peakham Road Robert Nadelberg and Karen Nadelberg to Kevin M. Farrell and Beth V. Farrell, $1,052,500

15 Whitetail Lane Allan S. Frankel and Terri C. Frankel to Eva Lam and Chi-fun J. Lam, $822,500


24 Howarth Drive David J. Macmillan and Annemarie Macmillan to Zaid Jayyosi and Amany Jayyosi, $605,000

8 Thayer St. Paul J. Davis and Elizabeth-anne R. Davis to Robert S. Craig and Debra L. Craig, $395,000


45 Columbus Ave. Michael J. Connolly and Brian Connolly to Eric J. Steele, $459,000


37 Winsor Ave. David O. Martin and Cynthia A. Munch to Michelle Casey and Jeremiah P. Casey, $619,000

5 Theurer Park Michael Cacioppo and Kathryn Cacioppo to Peter J. Vallieres and Kristen N. Vallieres, $349,000


160 Glezen Lane Richard D. Zane and M. S. Murphy-Zane to Derrick Todd and Tina Elias-todd, $1,225,000

75 Lincoln Road Susan E. Busch to Christopher A. Bratton and Dalida M. Benfield, $875,000

1 Turkey Hill Elspet Eberlin-Matkovich to James Cao, $278,000


45 Cliff Road Andrew B. Benett and Katherine P. Bennett to Neil P. Desai and Priya G. Desai, $3,010,000

120 Forest St. Joann Jones to John Harrington and Meribeth Harrington, 1,080,000

57 Wall St. Aneel Advani and Mona Advani to George Sorescu and Violeta Sorescu, $825,000


100 Westcliff Road Pamela J. Anderson and William Williams to Kerry Beraud and Jill Beraud, $2,597,883