Changing habits

B.B.C.(Before Biking Challenge)

Drove an average of 40 miles a week to buy food

Drove an average of 32 miles a week for cardio-fitness classes at a gym

Bought gas every week

Used some home-grown garden produce but also gave a lot away, fed some to animals and composted some

Bought mostly healthy food with occasional lapses


Threw out food when it no longer seemed useful or appealing

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Made grocery trips a frenetic multitasking experience, always distracted whether in the car or in the store

D.B.C. (During Biking Challenge)

Biked an average of 40 miles a week to buy food

No longer drove to the gym, since biking provided enough of a cardio workout

Bought gas 2-3 times a month

Used garden produce and eggs more creatively and with minimal waste

Intentional about food purchases, with more focus on nutrient value and minimal packaging


Wasted much less food and used what was available in a greater variety of ways

More mentally present throughout the shopping process, both while biking and while at the store

SOURCE: Susan Bacher