Brookline Climate Week kicks off with environmental maze

Climate change activists are encouraging Brookline residents to get lost in a new maze set up outside Town Hall that uses repurposed traffic signs to raise awareness about environmental issues. Climate Action Brookline built the maze between Town Hall and Brookline’s Main Library as one of 50 events and displays for the third annual Brookline Climate Week, which will run from Saturday to Feb. 3. The maze is a new addition to climate week and was built by Coni Porter  and Mary Dewart, the climate week campaign director for Climate Action Brookline, in an effort to get people to think more about the environment. While people wander through the straw maze, they will encounter old traffic signs that have been altered to deliver environmental messages. A hazard sign warns of an oil spill ahead, a stop sign says “we must stop releasing CO2” and a caution sign warns of crazy weather ahead. Dewart said the maze is supposed to serve as a metaphor for the confounding state of the environment and how people can get lost in their attempts to address climate change. The maze will be open through the end of Climate Week and was funded in part by a grant from the Brookline Commission for the Arts. More information about the maze and other events during the climate week can be found at www.brooklineclimateweek.org.