Letter: Men’s gymnastics important to preserve

I’m from an era when high school men’s gymnastics teams were more common than women’s teams. And while I understand changing preferences, I believe that men’s gymnastics is an important sport to preserve.

First, it is an excellent sport for smaller men — those not heavy or big enough to play football, and those not tall enough to excel at basketball. Second, it is a sport that produces a very small number of concussions. Third, it is an individual sport that actually allows each person to compete, rather than to sit on the bench waiting for a turn to play.

I’m sorry that the folks at MIAA place too little weight on these factors (“MIAA moves to cut boys’ gymnastics hit,” Jan. 27 Globe West).


From a professional perspective, I would like to see them emphasize a sport like gymnastics.

Dr. David Griesemer


(Dr. Griesemer is the director of pediatric neurology at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center)