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    Credit union sponsors school athletics

      Central One Federal Credit Union has become a sponsor of Shrewsbury public school athletics by contributing $20,000. The gift, announced by Superintendent Joseph Sawyer during a recent budget hearing, is in response to a Jan. 9 appeal from the schools to local businesses. The athletics department was hit with $70,000 in cuts for this school year as part of efforts to close a $2.5 million deficit in the district’s budget. The department also lost almost $20,000 in anticipated revenues when night games for Shrewsbury High School teams last fall were canceled to limit the threat of mosquito-borne diseases. The sponsorship program is looking for at least $75,000 in support. In return for their money, sponsors will get advertising space in the Shrewsbury School Journal, inclusion in a new Shrewsbury Athletics e-mail newsletter, and a listing on the athletic department's website. For $15,000 or more, businesses would see their names on scoreboards, and for $25,000, they would be mentioned during PA announcements at games. According to the high school’s athletics department, sponsorship commitments will go into effect this spring and be good throughout next school year as well.