Seat-belt campaign starts Monday

The Police Department will join 120 other local and state law enforcement and public safety entities in a two-week statewide push to enforce seat-belt laws starting Monday. This year’s national “Click It or Ticket” campaign will continue through June 2, timed to coincide with the start of summer activities and serving as a reminder to drivers and passengers about the importance of wearing safety belts, police said. Authorities are citing a US Department of Transportation report that found 54 percent of the people killed in passenger car crashes in Massachusetts during 2011 were not wearing seat belts, a fatality rate that is mirrored in national figures. The US agency also estimates that nearly 12,000 lives were saved across the country in 2011 because of seat belts. In Massachusetts, drivers who are pulled over for a traffic violation can be fined $25 for each person in the car not wearing a seat belt or federally approved child restraint, barring any exclusions due to disability, according to state law. For more information, visit www.mass.gov/eopss and click on the “Crime Prevention and Personal Safety” tab.