Theater seeks OK for expansion

Town Meeting members will face a decision this week on a proposal to expand the Coolidge Corner Theatre. The annual session begins Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Brookline High School auditorium, with the 24 articles on the warrant including a proposed budget of $257 million for the fiscal year starting July 1. The theatre at 290 Harvard St. would like to add room for a fifth movie screening area, additional lobby space, and bathrooms in the area behind the theater building. The Coolidge Corner is seeking approval of two articles related to easement variances, and a third article asks the town to petition the state Legislature for permission to lease air rights to the theater for the expansion. The warrant also has two articles that would make changes to the structure and responsibilities of some departments and commissions that work with human relations and human rights. Also, Town Meeting members Stanley Spiegel and Nancy Heller have proposed an article that would change the way the town defines disorderly conduct to make disturbing the peace and quiet enjoyment of any residential premises a violation, and double the fine to $100, but make it a noncriminal offense. The town currently treats disorderly conduct as a misdemeanor. Details about the warrant and other information are posted on the town’s website, www.brooklinema.gov.