Grace Chapel offers job-search help

Grace Chapel will hold a free two-part workshop on the next two Tuesdays to help area adults hone their job search skills. The workshop will cover topics such as writing an effective resume, understanding free job-search resources available at the state level, interviewing, finding a job that fits, and starting the job search. Maria Kakolowski, administrative assistant for adult discipleship and community at the church, said this is the first time Grace has hosted a job search workshop. She said the workshop instructors have a background in human resources and experience hunting for jobs. She said workshop participants do not need to be affiliated with the church. The workshops will run from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and Oct. 29 in Room 105 of the church’s Adult Learning Center at 2 Militia Drive, near Grace’s campus at 59 Worthen Road. To register, contact Kakolowski at mkakolowski@grace.org before the day of the workshop.