Free home thermo-imaging reports

Homeowners can get a free thermo-imaging report, showing where their home loses the most heat and energy, as part of a local energy-efficiency campaign. The thermo-imaging reports are the newest feature of the “Power to Choose“ campaign started by the town’s Sustainable Energy Committee, according to group members. The thermo-imaging reports can help residents make home improvements, such as installing insulation or heat-proofing windows, that can save them $1,000 per year or more in energy costs, according to group representatives. The town is partnering with Sagewell Inc., a Cambridge-based company, to produce the thermo-imaging reports. The “Power to Choose” campaign offers several other options to help local home and business owners reduce their carbon footprint and save on their energy bills, such as providing information on using solar power and renewable sources for energy. For more information, visit the campaign’s website, www.wellesleypowertochoose.com.