Minuteman High site preparation on schedule

Site preparation for construction of the new $144.9 million Minuteman High School is right on schedule. Walter Kincaid, project executive for Gilbane Building Company, updated neighbors during a recent meeting at the high school in Lexington. Kincaid said that the project is on schedule to be completed within two years, and open in the fall of 2019. The new school is being built on district-owned property in Lincoln, just a few hundred yards away from the existing school in Lexington. Officials updated neighbors on clearing of the site, blasting of ledge, crushing of rock, excavation of dirt, efforts to minimize dust, and the relocation of a massive 130-ton boulder to the west end of the property. Kincaid said ledge blasting would continue up to three times a week for four more weeks. He said crews are scheduled to start putting in the building’s foundation around the third week of September.


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