Two firefighters die in Beacon Street blaze

The fire raced through a four-story brownstone, trapping responders in the basement. Along with the dead firefighters, 13 were injured.

// On, off job, victims were imposing presences

Friends and fellow firefighters remembered Lieutenant Edward Walsh Jr. and Firefighter Michael Kennedy, who died in the line of duty Wednesday.

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// Their singular calling is ingrained for life

Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy ran into a burning building to save lives, knowing they could lose their own.

// Deadly blaze paralyzed Back Bay neighborhood

Residents in nearby streets were kept from their homes as firefighters battled the blaze.

Captain recalls frantic effort to save trapped firefighters

“There was just too much fire,” said Neal Mullane, who was the commander of the rescue team.

Firefighters and dispatcher recordings provided insight into what occurred during a deadly blaze at 298 Beacon St. in Boston’s Back Bay on Wednesday.

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Searing heat, water loss, blast doomed firefighters’ mission

There was nothing more than a thin haze of smoke drifting from the building when firefighters arrived at 298 Beacon Street.