Seven killed in Lowell fire

Globe coverage of the deadly three-alarm fire at an apartment building in Lowell.

// Community gathers to remember Lowell fire victims

“The city will never forget this tragedy,” Mayor Rodney Elliott said.

Kevin Cullen

// Firefighters made plunge into ever-growing danger

The heavy lifting, the life-saving, was over in minutes. The harder stuff, dealing with the aftermath, the dead, would go on much longer.

Lowell seeks way to direct fire aid

A mile away from the charred wreckage of 78 Branch St., community leaders met this morning to set up a system for providing aid to victims of last week’s fire, which killed seven people and left more than 50 homeless.

// Lowell fire victim loved hunting, fishing

Robert Downs, 72, was one of seven people killed in Thursday’s blaze.

Lawrence fire takes place among tragic blazes in the region

Hundreds of people have lost their lives in the fatal blazes of past decades.

Horrified Lowell residents had little time, few options

If he hadn’t installed the fan in his bedroom window, Sambath Sar might not have smelled the smoke until it was too late. He woke up just before 4 a.m. Thursday coughing, his third-floor room filled with thick, white, choking clouds. Flames burning the building flickered in the window.

Community holds vigil to remember Lowell fire victims

LOWELL — Some kneeled behind the Buddhist monks and prayed. Others stood in respectful silence. A few people watched from their front yards and porches.

In Lowell, search for answers begins after fatal fire

Five people were missing early Thursday, according to broadcast reports.