Thomas M. Menino dies at 71

Boston’s transformative mayor served unprecedented five terms

Menino, who was diagnosed with advanced cancer not long after leaving office at the beginning of this year, died Thursday.

//[1]--90x90.jpg President Obama, Mayor Walsh and others remember Menino

Comments and reaction from those who were close with the former mayor.

In memoriam, Thomas Menino

1942 - 2014

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Memorials for Thomas M. Menino


10 a.m.: Lying in state at Faneuil Hall


12 p.m.: Private Mass at Most Precious Blood Church, 25 Maple St. in Hyde Park


Flowers and mementos may be left in City Hall, inside the main entrance, on the City Hall Plaza side.

Condolence books will be located in all of the city’s neighborhood libraries and community centers.

Letters and cards may be sent to Menino’s office at Boston University, 75 Bay State Road, Boston MA 02215.

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// In Readville, a mayor who was a neighbor first

In Thomas Menino’s neighborhood, old friends mourned the loss of an easygoing, conscientious neighbor.

// Mattapan church marks the life of Boston’s mayor

Morning Star Baptist Church’s pastor told the 50 people gathered that Thomas Menino was a constant presence in the area.

// Tears and shock around Boston City Hall

City workers nursed welling eyes and solemn faces as they struggled to come to terms with the passing of Menino.

The Big Picture

// Photos: Menino through the years

Menino helped turn Boston into a hub of 21st-century innovation.


// The life and legacy of Thomas Menino

In his decades in office, Menino turned Boston into a 21st century hub of innovation and reshaped its very skyline.

// In Bowdoin-Geneva, personal memories of Menino

Menino made the embattled Dorchester neighborhood a passion during his 20 years in office.

// Boston sports world remembers Mayor Thomas M. Menino

The city’s sports community offered its condolences and expressed gratitude for Menino’s support through the years.

// The mayorship of Thomas Menino

Menino took a ground-level view of the city on a hill, earning himself a nickname for his focus on the nuts and bolts of everyday life: the urban mechanic.

// Barbers to the mayor, they remember a friend

Thomas Menino’s barbers remember nursing his darkened roots and styling his thick locks from full-bodied to thinning and bare.

Political Intelligence

// Tom Menino forged his own political party

By necessity, Menino forged a powerful coalition, unique in its breadth and essentially indomitable.

// Fond memories of Menino from across Boston

“You know, he was a regular guy, he really, really was,” said Judy Pais, a neighbor of the Meninos since the late 1970s.

opinion | Mary Breslauer

// Tom Menino’s heart extended to LGBT community

He stood shoulder to shoulder with so many of us at precisely the moments we felt most vulnerable.

Editorial cartoon: Remembering Thomas M. Menino

The “urban mechanic” in heaven.

opinion | Michael R. Bloomberg

//[1]--90x90.jpg Lucky to call Tom Menino a friend

He was a regular guy — someone who connected easily with people — and had a great sense of humor.


// In Hyde Park, memories of Menino’s empathy for the fringe

Neighbors talked about him like he was one of the few people with real power who really cared about them.


// Tom Menino, the tough — and beloved — mayor

Unlike others, Menino was humble enough to understand that power lies with the office, not the person.

Adrian Walker

// Menino went from accidental mayor to transformative figure

Menino became acting mayor by the slimmest of margins, winning the job as council president by a mere vote.

Yvonne Abraham

// Tom Menino was a master of the heart

His greatness was in the follow-through after critical moments.


// Tom Menino was the mayor to a city of champions

The late mayor loved sports, and the Red Sox especially, and the feeling was clearly mutual.

Lawrence Harmon

// Tom Menino prepared the future for Boston’s kids

He sowed fertile ground for his children, grandchildren, and all the children in Boston.

editorial | Thomas M. Menino, 1942-2014

// Boston was Menino’s extended family

The former mayor stood apart as a politician with a common touch and uncommon skill at overcoming obstacles.

Menino's legacy

Menino's Boston

In his annual speech at the annual luncheon of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau, Mayor Thomas M. Menino talked of the vibrant state of the city.

March 26, 2013

Mayor Menino spotlights Boston’s growth

In a speech to business and civic leaders, a determined and jovial Mayor Menino described Boston as a city on the rise.

Reflecting on mayor's career


Lessons from an era

In the era ahead, the trick for Boston — for its mayoral candidates and its voters — will be to learn from the entire Thomas M. Menino experience.

Mayor Thomas Menino (left) let his staff know that he will not seek reelection.

Kevin Cullen

Menino a Boston guy through and through

Tommy Menino was our mayor for so long it’s hard to imagine a time when he won’t be. But that’s another nine months away.