Failed oversight of a predator priest

Globe report on how the Rev. Bradley M. Schaeffer failed to stop a priest he supervised from sexually abusing children, despite repeated allegations.

April 15, 2012

//[1]--90x90.jpg For the Jesuits, a long road to accountability

Even after the clergy abuse scandal exploded, the Catholic order failed repeatedly to rein in offending priests, and a current Boston College trustee admits he should have done more.

April 16, 2012

// Years later, school may alert parents to abuse

The operators of the Trivium School are considering notifying parents and alumni about Rev. Donald J. McGuire’s conviction for molesting a former student.


The Back Story: Failed oversight of a predator priest

Globe reporter Michael Rezendes speaks with the Globe’s Dina Rudick about the Rev. Bradley Schaeffer, who reviewed allegations against a Chicago priest and did not stop him.

Joan Vennochi

Pope’s ire aimed at wrong target

The Vatican’s effort to rein in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, yet still dodge accountability for threats to children, exposes a familiar mindset.


Boston College should be tough on priests who covered up abuse

By now, the story of predator priests in the Roman Catholic Church and the young victims they sexually abused is so sadly familiar that it’s hard to shock people. But fresh details are still cause for outrage, especially when they loop back to Boston and raise new questions about accountability. Boston College’s decision to place one priest on its board, despite having failed to take strict action against a predator priest, suggests a lack of appropriate diligence.

Editor's note

The Rev. Bradley M. Schaeffer, a member of the board of trustees at Boston College and the rector of the affiliated Peter Faber Jesuit Community, failed to stop a predator priest associated with Mother Teresa of Calcutta when he supervised the priest during the 1990s. Schaeffer personally reviewed allegations of sexual abuse against the Rev. Donald J. McGuire before allowing him to continue his traveling ministry, resulting in more abuse. McGuire was defrocked in 2008 and is currently serving a 25-year sentence in federal prison.