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Voice of the T calls it quits

If you’ve stood on a T platform, Frank Oglesby is the one telling you your train is now arriving.


MBTA marches forward with privatization

The MBTA’s warehouse operations could be run by a private company by October.

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Back Bay road hazard for bicyclists strikes again

State officials two years ago said they had helped solve a problem on a crash-prone block in the Back Bay. But after letting it fall into disrepair, a cyclist had a nasty spill.

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Officials expand park-and-pedal program

Six more locations, from Chestnut Hill to Revere, are now available.

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Yes, your Orange Line ride is more crowded than before

For years, the T has used fewer cars on the line during rush hour, even as ridership increased.

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MBTA GM dealt with cancer throughout tumultuous year

After Frank DePaola was diagnosed with cancer during the winter of 2014, slowing down wasn’t an option.

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New MBTA commuter rail schedules debut

The change comes months after commuters were outraged by the MBTA’s first attempt to shift schedules.

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Uber says its service complements public transit

A lot of riders use Uber to get to and from transit stops, the company said.

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New US survey gives MBTA high rankings

Based on data from AllTransit, a new site ranking transit access, Boston gets a 9.4 out of 10.

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Boston boosts money for initiative to eliminate cyclist, pedestrian deaths

The city is setting aside $3.1 million for its Vision Zero next year, more than six times the amount it devoted to the program this year.

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The MBTA’s few very-early-bird specials

Why does the MBTA have some early-morning trips that start well before most other buses and subway trains?

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State still wants Green Line extension, South Coast rail

For months, officials have been formulating a five-year plan that would lay out the biggest rail and highway investments.

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Amid fare hikes, T expands student pass program

The agency came under fire for raising fares for student passes by 23 percent to $32 in its original proposals.

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Showdown looms on MBTA overhaul

Both the Mass. GOP and the Boston Carmen’s Union are summoning their legions to a Monday hearing for Governor Baker’s overhaul bill.

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Amtrak taking steps to fix Route 128 Station in Westwood

The perpetually broken escalators and elevators at the Westwood train station are a source of consternation for many commuters.

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Some question the T’s use of capital budget for salaries

Transit experts say the practice takes money away from upgrades that the T desperately needs.

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Keolis says commuter rail full service pledge back on track

All eyes will be on the MBTA’s commuter rail Monday to see whether it lives up to its promise for a full recovery .

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Commuters get their turn to pose questions to Keolis

We approached commuters at North Station and asked them what they would ask officials from the company that runs the commuter rail.

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Demands for MBTA refunds may pay off

MBTA general manager Beverly Scott said that the T is rethinking its policy on not giving refunds for bad service.

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MBTA rejects railcar contract protests

The MBTA shot down protests from losing bidders for the Red and Orange line cars, but litigation still continues.

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MBTA no longer gives refunds for service

The agency used to offer free rides for bad service, but stopped doing so about five years ago because of budgetary restrictions.

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Transportation chief Stephanie Pollack gets feet wet fast

Just as Pollack prepared to take over as the state’s transportation czar, the sixth biggest snowstorm ever to hit the city was on its way.

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MBTA shopping for new rail cars

The new self-propelled diesel trains would first be put to use on the Fairmount Line to provide more frequent service.

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MBTA fine-tuning customer feedback website

The website asks riders for regular feedback on their experiences aboard the system’s subways, buses, boats, and trains.

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Bike advocates set meeting for Comm. Ave. improvements

The public meeting will give cycling advocates a chance to speak to city officials about bike infrastructure on Commonwealth Avenue.

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Busy Allston street set for bike lanes

The new lanes on Cambridge Street should help allay community concerns about cyclist and pedestrian safety on the corridor.

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Somerville is top biking city around

Somerville beat out its neighbor, Cambridge, and New Haven, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to capture the title.

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Richard Davey looking back, looking forward

During his last week on the job as head of the MBTA and as transportation secretary, Davey weighed in on his legacy.

Real-time tracking comes to the Green Line

For the first time in the Green Line’s history, you won’t have to guess how far your next trolley is.

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Mass. seeking new ideas for underutilized overpasses

Who knew that those shadowy swaths of land underneath highway overpasses could be prime real estate?

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Subway rider sets a record

Adham Fisher traveled to Boston last fall to ride the T’s entire subway and trolley system in the fastest time possible.

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Curiosities abound for Pike motorists

This week, readers were beset with questions centering on the Massachusetts Turnpike and several changes they had noticed.

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MBTA rewrote book on Boston area commute

The agency that currently runs the region’s subways, trolleys, buses, ferries, and commuter rail came into being exactly 50 years ago today.

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Drivers of rental cars still liable for paying tolls on Tobin Bridge

Rental car companies have already figured this problem out — and they certainly won’t be the ones stuck with the bill.


What happens if you drive a rental car over Tobin Bridge?

The Tobin Bridge switched to all-electronic tolling this week, which means that drivers who travel over the bridge must either pay with an E-ZPass transponder, or have the fee charged to the address registered to their license plate number. Many fretful drivers wondered, what happens now when you drive a rental car over the bridge?

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Aspirational alterations to Gloucester street sign

It’s always a delightful surprise to come across a street sign altered to convey some larger truth.

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Watch out for fake E-ZPass e-mails

Don’t be fooled by official-looking e-mails from the toll transponder company.

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Tip to cut vehicle inspection wait time

Never, ever get your vehicle inspected on the first or last day of each month.

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Put a piece of the bridge to use at home

For history buffs, it doesn’t get much cooler than owning a little piece of the Longfellow Bridge — right in your backyard.

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For many bicyclists, repairs came too late

A strip of neoprene caulking is helping to keep bicyclists upright on Huntington Ave.

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For Rome mayor, transit is key issue

Rome’s mayor, Ignazio Marino, insists that his city will soon be one of the best cities in the world for sustainable public transportation.

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After years of confusion, Newton offramp gets a fix

The Newton Traffic Council finally came up with a solution for the Mass. Turnpike offramp in West Newton: a sign to indicate exactly who is allowed to turn right.

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A traffic light shifts

After months of complaints, the state responded to a Plymouth resident’s complaints about the awkward location of a local traffic signal.

Uber Boston introduces new service for extra-large vehicles

The company is starting a new service this week that allows customers to request vehicles that can fit up to seven passengers.


On Longfellow Bridge, searching for that perfect paint swatch

Officials have been working to figure out exactly which color matches the original paint of the bridge.


Seven new ideas for parking and transportation

Mayor Walsh’s transportation transition team released a report earlier this month on how to improve the city’s transportation system.

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No solution in sight for Roxbury footbridge

The Ceylon Street footbridge, built in the 1980s, has caused angst in the community for years.

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New traffic guide means more innovative design

A new traffic guide that appears at first glance like public-works-engineering gobbledygook could have some important implications for Massachusetts.

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An ode to the Government Center MBTA stop

A lament for the closed Government Center station was scrawled on the wall by one of the last riders to pass through the station before its hibernation.

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Potholes taking a toll on vehicles this year

Since January 1, the city of Boston is up to 8,817 filled potholes and counting — about three times as many as in previous years.