‘Birdman’ director explains creative approach

The blistering showbiz satire directed by Alejandro Iñarritu is already being touted as a leading contender in this year’s Oscar race.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/10/13/BostonGlobe.com/ReceivedContent/Images/AP567648897133.jpg 25 years after ‘Batman,’ Keaton takes flight again in ‘Birdman’

In “Birdman,” Michael Keaton portrays an actor who lost his way after a brief heyday as a hero.

A standing ovation for ‘Whiplash’

Audiences accustomed to seeing teachers who are inspiring or benevolent will be jolted by the seething warrior J.K. Simmons plays in “Whiplash.”


John Michalczyk on documentaries that made a difference

Michalczyk has been making films for more than 20 years on topics ranging from the atrocities to horrors much closer to home.


‘Bitter Honey’ examines polygamy in paradise

Robert Lemelson discusses polygamy, the allure of Indonesia, and why he makes movies.

doc talk

Martin Parr and all things English

Best known as a still photographer, Martin Parr has also made documentaries for the BBC that wryly analyze all things English.

movie review

It’s just Murray being Murray in ‘St. Vincent’

In this maudlin comedy, our reigning Zen trickster, Bill Murray, plays a Brooklyn crank teaching life lessons to a kid.

Brad Pitt as Sergeant “War-daddy” Collier and Logan Lerman as a new recruit.

movie review

‘Fury’ takes on WWII, with Brad Pitt in command

The movie tries to balance the standard veneration of the Greatest Generation while acknowledging what war does to men.

Stéphanie Cléau and Mathieu Amalric in “The Blue Room.”

Movie Review

Mathieu Amalric gets in ‘The Blue Room’

The actor directs and stars in this adaptation of the Georges Simenon novel.

Leila Wong and Ben Whishaw  in “Lilting.”

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Guilt and disdain limp along in ‘Lilting’

Director Hong Khaou’s film doesn’t seem to have much going on beneath the drab surface.

Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden.

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‘The Best of Me’; the worst of times

A pair of teenaged lovers divided by class and absurd plot devices reunite two decades later through chance and a dead man’s will.

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The Day of the Dead brought to ‘The Book of Life’

If you’ve ever been struck by the bustling, kaleidoscopic beauty of Mexican folk art, you’ll find a lot to draw you into this 3-D animated adventure.

The year in arts


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2013/12/29/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/movie-3872.jpg Blockbusters and beyond: Hollywood got it right in 2013

A meditation on our cyber-future, a searing history lesson, and a tale of survival stood out.

Toronto Film Festival


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/09/09/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/JeremyJordanandAnnaKendrickinTHELASTFIVEYEARS.jpg In Toronto, what they’re talking about at the festival

Upcoming films that have had the film festival abuzz include “The Last Five Years.”

Movie capsules

Movie Stars

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/10/10/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/FURY-PK-03_(DF-01597).jpg Short reviews of what’s in theaters

A snapshot of recent Globe reviews of movies in the theaters.

Four stars go to...

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2014/01/16/BostonGlobe.com/Arts/Images/17kapps1--90x90.jpg Four-star reviews by the Globe

Films given four-star reviews by Globe critics Ty Burr and Janice Page, and the former Globe critic Wesley Morris since 2012.