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Movie industry on a skewer in ‘Maps to the Stars’

Starring Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, and Robert Pattinson, “Maps” surveys the modern Hollywood wasteland.

Patricia Arquette at the Oscars.

ty burr

Oscar acceptance speeches: let ’em talk, already!

Permit me to stake out an unpopular position: People should be allowed to say whatever they want.

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‘Focus’ starts strong, then blurs

There’s a terrific popcorn movie here — a con-game romantic comedy that bubbles along on a playful high.

Movie Review

// In ‘She’s Beautiful,’ women fighting their battles

“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” is a celebratory but clear-eyed documentary history of the 1970s women’s movement.

// In ‘She’s Beautiful,’ Dore affirms energy, urgency of activism

It’s the ’70s passion and sense of purpose that Mary Dore sought to reclaim in her new film, “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.”

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‘Song of the Sea’ animates an Irish legend

“Song of the Sea” is a sweet, aesthetically breathtaking showcase.

Movie Review

‘Ballet 422’ demonstrates the artistic process

Jody Lee Lipes has achieved an enlightening documentary about the creative process, following the title New York City Ballet production from idea to realization.

87th Academy Awards

// Complete Oscars guide

Take a look at the night’s big moments, from the red carpet to the stage.

// Oscar winners and nominees

The films and actors that took the awards.

movie review

// ‘Lazarus Effect’ cannot be raised from the dead

The appealing Mark Duplass plays a scientist who discovers that dabbling in life and death is above his pay grade.

Scene Here

// Silents, with and without accompaniment

Here are opportunities to see John Ford’s “Upstream” and “Four Sons” and more.

// A dance comes together in ‘Ballet 422’

This documentary by Jody Lee Lipes focuses on the painstaking, sometimes tense work of putting together a new ballet.


// A David Lynch retrospective at the Brattle

A David Lynch retrospective starts Monday at the Brattle Theatre, in Cambridge.

doc talk

Tragedy unfolds

Jacques Brel, Sabine Lubbe Bakker, and Niels Van Koevorden’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas” follows the bottoming out of the lives of two Belgian alcoholics.


CNN’s Vinnie Malhotra picks 6 documentaries with impact

Malhotra, senior vice president for development and acquisitions for CNN Worldwide, has a full slate of documentary features and shorts coming up.

Four stars go to...

// Four-star reviews by the Globe

Films given four-star reviews by Globe critics Ty Burr and Janice Page and the former Globe critic Wesley Morris since 2012.

Winter Arts Preview

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// Winter arts preview

Boston Ballet presents “Lady of the Camellias,” “Breaking Bad” prequel “Better Call Saul” premieres, and critics pick the best of the winter.

Movie capsules

Movie Stars

// Short reviews of what’s in theaters

A snapshot of recent Globe reviews of movies in the theaters.

The Year in Arts

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// 2014: The Year in Arts

2014 was all about the music sneak attack, twentysomethings energizing stages, fresh late-night personalities, and more.

Documentary coverage

Movie review

Facing jihadi terror in Oscar nominee ‘Timbuktu’

With subtlety, irony, and even humor, Mauritanian-born Abderrahmane Sissako gradually prepares the viewer for the horror to come.