News stories in photographs

2016 Democratic National Convention

In a historic moment, Hillary Clinton was nominated as the first female presidential candidate from a major political party at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week. The convention has not been without protests though, some by ardent Bernie Sanders supporters and some by activists concerned with particular issues.-- By Lloyd Young (45 photos total)

A battle against Islamic State fighters

“When everyone shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great) I know that a tank or a cannon will fire,” says Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic. He has been travelling to Libya since the 2011 revolution, seeking to capture the pain and politics of a country at war with itself. Since early May, Libyan fighters have been waging a stop-start battle to recapture Sirte from Islamic State. After advancing rapidly to the edge of the town, for the past few weeks they have been struggling to break down the resistance of militants encircled in the city center. “I am constantly following the Libya story and I am in touch with few friends in Misrata since 2011 - they keep me updated,” Tomasevic says. “My goal is to cover the final battle for Sirte.”--By Reuters (25 photos total)

2016 Republican National Convention

Scenes from the four day Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. An estimated 50,000 people gathered for the convention, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday night.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (46 photos total)

Boston’s Methadone Mile

Methadone Mile is a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue where methadone clinics brush up against an open air drug market. This is where people come to get high and sober. Recovery, relapse, danger, grief, and hope all fill people’s daily lives. This year, Boston Globe photographer Keith Bedford and two Globe reporters spent time on Methadone Mile, gaining people’s trust and telling their stories. In Sunday’s Globe, learn more about who they met. (38 photos total)

Terror in Nice

At least 84 are dead and hundreds are wounded after a man drove a large truck into the crowd on the famous Promenade des Anglais celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France. All around the world, people are expressing sadness and solidarity with France over the deadly attack. Editor’s note: some photos contain graphic content.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (39 photos total)

Tour de France 103rd edition

The Tour de France 103rd edition is underway, running from July 2-24. The race covers over two thousand miles by bicycle over 21 stages. Chris Froome is back to defend his 2015 title as they all compete to wear the yellow jersey at the finish in Paris. (34 photos total)

Rio Olympic torch relay

Earlier this year in Greece, the Olympic Flame began its ceremonial journey by torch to the site of the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The games opening ceremonies take place at Maracana Stadium on Aug. 5. (30 photos total)

Thai Blind Orchestra

They cannot see but they can hear and play music to make themselves and the audience happy. The Thai Blind Orchestra is Thailand’s first orchestra made up of young musicians who are blind, visually impaired and or multiple disabled. It was established in 2014 from an idea of classical musician Alongkot Chukaew. He teaches disabled children by using audible aids and the natural environment. The children were introduced to a braille system to read music and are taught individually to memorize the positions of their fingers when playing their instruments.--By European Pressphoto Agency (13 photos total)

Globe photos of the month, June 2016

Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month, including Pride Week, graduations, the annual Dorchester Day Parade, and summer baseball.-- By Lloyd Young (46 photos total)

Istanbul airport attack

More than 40 people were killed and many more injured when multiple bombs where detonated at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport by three attackers this week in Turkey. (26 photos total)

West Virginia flooding

West Virginians are recovering and cleaning up after extreme rains last week caused devastating flooding in parts of the state. The disaster has claimed at least 23 lives and destroyed over a thousand homes. (32 photos total)

Fight for Peace academy

Much of the Complexo da Mare, a teeming neighborhood of 140,000 people near Rio’s international airport, is controlled by drug gangs despite efforts in recent years to break their grip on the city’s poor districts ahead of August’s Olympic Games. For many young residents the Luta Pela Paz (Fight For Peace) academy that has over 1,000 students offers a glimpse of an alternative: a chance to build discipline and self-esteem through boxing and martial arts.-- By Reuters (19 photos total)

International Day of Yoga 2016

The second International Day of Yoga was held today. Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India according to the United Nations. “This year’s observance highlights the important role healthy living plays in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted last year by all 193 United Nations Member States,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.-- By Lloyd Young (30 photos total)

Transgender dad: ‘I am who I am’

When Lindsey Straus, father of three, transitioned to a woman fifteen years ago, she risked losing her family and career. She’s rebuilt some of her important relationships, and learned to adapt. Read the father and son stories. Photographs by John Tlumacki. (18 photos total)

Orlando shooting

Mourners from around the world are grieving the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting. President Obama on Monday called the act ‘‘homegrown extremism’’ committed by Omar Mateen who referred to the Boston Marathon attackers as his “homeboys” in one of the 911 calls he made during the attack. (30 photos total)

School’s out

It’s that time of year when accomplishments are celebrated and summer vacations start. Milestones are reached: one moves on to the next grade or graduates on to the next step in life.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (29 photos total)

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is an annual observation of the earth’s oceans first recognized by the United Nations in 2008. It was created to honor the oceans and sea life globally and raise awareness to help protect this crucial part of our planet.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (31 photos total)

Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Muhammad Ali, who declared “I am the greatest” and proved it many times over, infuriating some and captivating countless more as he floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee on his way to winning the world heavyweight championship a record three times, becoming perhaps the most widely recognized person on the planet, died Friday in Phoenix. He was 74. Mr. Ali had long suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome. The condition was understood to be a consequence of his boxing career.-- By Lloyd Young (40 photos total)

Globe photos of the month, May 2016

Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month, including Memorial Day, a police officer’s funeral, World Turtle Day, and the graduation season.-- By Lloyd Young (44 photos total)

Masking the candidates

There’s no masking the facts, one Chinese factory is expecting Donald Trump to beat his likely US presidential rival Hilary Clinton in the popularity stakes. At the Jinhua Partytime Latex Art and Crafts Factory, a Halloween and party supply business that produces thousands of rubber and plastic masks of everyone from Osama Bin Laden to Spiderman, masks of Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton faces are being churned out. Sales of the two expected presidential candidates are at about half a million each but the factory management believes Trump will eventually be the winner. “Even though the sales are more or less the same, I think in 2016 this mask will completely sell out,” said factory manager Jacky Chen, indicating a Trump mask.--By Reuters (18 photos total)

Pres. Obama visits Hiroshima

President Barack Obama visited Hiroshima today and paid respect to the 140,000 lives killed by the atomic bomb dropped on the city in 1945. He became the first sitting US president to do so. He called for a world without nuclear weapons but did not apologize for the attack. (22 photos total)

Mount Sinabung erupts

Indonesian rescuers are searching for survivors in ash-covered villages after Mount Sinabung erupted violently this week. At least seven people died and thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their homes. (21 photos total)

In Search of Sanctuary

Once, the church on High Street pulsated with activity: parents and children, dinners and dances. But as the decades passed, the Congregational Church of West Medford began to wither, its very survival in question. That is when desperation gave birth to possibility, and the congregation voted to sell the old church, move into a storefront -- and see if salvation could be found in a place called Sanctuary. -- photography by Dina Rudick/Globe Staff [ Read More ] (37 photos total)

Balance (Defined)

Balance (noun) - The ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling. [ Editor’s Note: “Defined” is an occasional series exploring the definitions of words via photography. ]-- By Lloyd Young (29 photos total)

Shanghai’s nail neighborhood

In a corner of Shanghai, surrounded by a cement wall, lies one of the world’s most valuable fields of debris and garbage. On paper, the Guangfuli neighborhood is a real estate investor’s dream: a plot in the middle of one of the world’s most expensive and fast-rising property markets. But the reality is more like a developer’s nightmare, thanks to hundreds of people living there who have refused to budge from their ramshackle homes for nearly 16 years as the local authority sought to clear the land for new construction.--By Reuters (20 photos total)

Avian adventures

Photographers around the world have been documenting birds during this busy time of year migrating, building, defending and hatching. Our feathered friends are also in the news this month, with International Migratory Bird Day on May 14, and a movie based on a popular bird game, Angry Birds, opening next week.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (34 photos total)

Invictus Games

The Invictus Games, created by Britain’s Prince Harry, are underway in Orlando. The games allow wounded, sick, or injured armed services members from around the world to compete in Paralympic-style games.-- By Lloyd Young (21 photos total)

5,000-1 underdogs hoist English Premier League trophy

Leicester City, champion of England for the first time in its 132-year history, hoisted the Premier League champions trophy this past weekend as the team celebrated its improbable season. (20 photos total)

Raging wildfires in Alberta

A disastrous wildfire has forced more than 80,000 residents to evacuate Fort McMurray, the biggest evacuation on record in Canada. The raging fire has grown to at least 210,000 acres, destroying entire neighborhoods.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (40 photos total)

Globe photos of the month, April 2016

Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month, including the Boston Marathon, snowy weather, World Figure Skating Championships at TD Garden, and the end of the Celtics season.-- By Lloyd Young (49 photos total)

Deadly fighting returns to Aleppo

Government airstrikes and insurgent mortar attacks escalated violence and destroyed a partial truce for Syria. A hospital was demolished in which at least 27 died and dozens more were killed in the continued fighting in Aleppo. The hopes for new peace talks could also be threatened.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (18 photos total)

Daily life: April 2016

A look at moments captured by photographers around the world in the month of April.-- By Lloyd Young (24 photos total)

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day was marked today for the 46th time worldwide to remember and appreciate the Earth’s environment as well our roles within it. According to the Earth Day Network, this year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Trees for the Earth.’ (23 photos total)

Queen Elizabeth II turns 90

Britain’s oldest and longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her 90th birthday today. She was born Princess Elizabeth on April 21, 1926, and became queen at 25 upon the death of her father, King George VI, in 1952. (27 photos total)

Pulitzer Prize Feature Photography winner: Strider Wolf

Globe staff photographer Jessica Rinaldi won the Pulitzer Prize in feature photography for her compelling depiction of a boy living in poverty in Maine. (16 photos total)

2016 Boston Marathon

More than 30,000 participants registered for the 2016 Boston Marathon, the third largest field in the race history. (33 photos total)

Return to Palmyra

Syrians returned to the destroyed city of Palmyra this week after being forced to flee almost a year ago during intense fighting. With the city now free of Islamic State fighters, the government allowed time for residents to salvage their belongings. The demolished UNESCO-listed ancient ruins are unaccessible to the public as the Russian military teams clear the site of hundreds of mines left by the militants.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (22 photos total)

Wild Chernobyl

Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Reuters photographer Vasily Fedosenko documented booming populations of wolf, elk, and other wildlife in the vast contaminated zone in Belarus and Ukraine.--By Reuters (18 photos total)

Qingming Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day

The Qingming Festival, also know as Tomb Sweeping Day, was held earlier this week marked by people visiting cemeteries to clean tombs, lay flowers, and make offerings to the deceased.-- By Lloyd Young (16 photos total)

2016 World Figure Skating Championships in Boston

Boston hosted the prestigious World Figure Skating Championships for the first time, bringing the top skaters from around the world to TD Garden.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (41 photos total)

Globe photos of the month, March 2016

Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month, including the anime convention in Boston, Celtics basketball, a citywide youth spelling bee, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston.-- By Lloyd Young (47 photos total)

InfraRed Sox

With two last place finishes in a row, maybe it’s time to look at the Boston Red Sox in a different light. The Globe’s Stan Grossfeld traveled to spring training at JetBlue Park at Fenway South in Florida to do just that. In his images from an infrared converted camera, players’ uniform numbers and names seemingly disappear, giving a fresh slate to the upcoming season. (23 photos total)

Bombing in Lahore

At least 70 people were killed, including about 30 children, in a suicide bomb attack at a park in Lahore, Pakistan. The Taliban group that claimed responsibility for the Easter attack that injured over 300 said it was targeting Christians. Most of the victims were believed to be Muslim at this very busy public park.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (19 photos total)

President Obama’s visit to Cuba

President Obama made a historic trip to Cuba this week as the first sitting US president to visit the Communist ruled island since Calvin Coolidge did in 1928. “My lifetime has spanned a time of isolation between us,” Obama said. “I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.”-- By Lloyd Young (23 photos total)

Attacks in Brussels

Explosions in the city’s airport and a metro station have killed at least 36 people and injured many others during coordinated attacks today claimed by ISIS. (22 photos total)

Seeing green

Green is the theme this week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day that is celebrated in many cities around the world. Spring is right around the corner, bringing hopeful signs of landscapes tinted with the same hues.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (37 photos total)

2016 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Dallas Seavey won his fourth Iditarod race today, completing the 1,000-mile trek from Anchorage to Nome Alaska in a record 8 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes, and 16 seconds. This year’s race was marred with tragedy when a snowmobile driver was charged with intentionally running his machine into two sled dog teams, killing one dog and injuring others. The race is a remaking of the freight route to Nome and pays tribute to the role sled dogs played in the settlement of Alaska.-- By Lloyd Young (19 photos total)

Walls (Defined)

wall (noun) 1. any of various permanent upright constructions having a length much greater than the thickness and presenting a continuous surface except where pierced by doors, windows, etc.: used for shelter, protection, or privacy, or to subdivide interior space, to support floors, roofs, or the like, to retain earth, to fence in an area, etc. Editor’s Note: “Defined” is an occasional series exploring the definitions of words via photography.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (42 photos total)

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the struggles and achievements of women globally and to advocate for women’s rights. Photographers documented events observing this day and interesting women around the world.-- By Leanne Burden Seidel (26 photos total)

Globe photos of the month, February 2016

Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month including politicians on the primary trial, marking Presidents’ Day, surfing in winter, and the Red Sox beginning spring training in Florida.-- By Lloyd Young (34 photos total)
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