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Manny Machado, the Baltimore Orioles third baseman, took some heat earlier this season when he said that baseball is “a little boring to watch.” It’s true that unlike other major sports, most players on the field of play are usually standing around. But he’s not looking at the big picture, especially the carnival-like atmosphere of Fenway Park. The Globe’s Stan Grossfeld trained his camera away from game action to record scenes that are anything but boring.
The view behind Lynne Smith of Wellesley, the “Fenway Hat Lady”. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Shadows dance on the walls as fans head down the stairs in right field on July 19. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Umbrellas and fans in the centerfield bleachers on July 17. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Poles on the first base grandstand provide support and cover at Fenway Park. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A fan who is hidden behind the massive American flag must secure the flag during the ceremony that they can’t see. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A scorekeeper takes a peek through the remote camera installed in the Green Monster, giving the unblinking eye a touch of humanity. It says “Do Not Bump” on the camera mount. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
If the game is boring, its always entertaining to look for aliens avoiding the sun at Fenway. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A sparrow looks at an electrical connection outside the Pavillion Level at Fenway Park on July 19. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
If watching Verlander vs. Sale doesn’t excite you, watch the flow of clouds floating over the park on a picture perfect June night. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A member of the grounds crew spreads dirt in between innings during a rainy Fenway afternoon in May. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Fans, both human and electric avoid the sun under the stands in right field. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Sunflowers brighten the scene at the Strega Deck at Fenway Park on Aug. 6. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
The top of the bleachers offers an old world view of Boston, with the Christian Science Monitor dominating the skyline behind a rare Panda Fenway fan. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Beer vendors maneuver the narrow Fenway aisles while while selling beer by the third base dugout. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A couple of dozen fans get to go on the field and secure Old Glory against the Green Monster for a pregame ceremony. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers stretches in a patriotic setting pregame at Fenway in June. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Fans are reflected in the glass of the Pavillion Club on July 18. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Fans in the right field seats take part in “The Wave” on July 18. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
One fan helps another in the hot summer sun at Fenway Park. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
The identity of the player pictured atop the centerfield bleachers is obscured by the American flag. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Standing room only for a jammed Yankees vs. Red Sox game. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
A silhouette of David Ortiz is painted over an electrical box outside Fenway Park that reads “Hazardous voltage” on Landsdowne St. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Yankee Jonathan Holder on the jumbotron keeps his eye on the seagull in centerfield at Fenway Park. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Nothing says happiness like securing a $19.99 foul ball at Fenway Park. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
Fans walk on closed-off Yawkey Way by Gate D. (Stan Grossfeld/ Globe Staff)
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