Gingrich releases his 2010 tax return

Newt Gingrich’s campaign released his 2010 tax returns last night, showing the GOP presidential candidate and his wife, Callista, paid $994,708 in federal taxes on about $3.1 million in income.

Most of their income, about $2,500,000, was derived from Gingrich Holdings, which includes his consulting firm Gingrich Group and the multimedia firm Gingrich Productions. Disclosure statements filed last year show Gingrich has about $6.5 million in net assets.

In the 2010 returns, the couple also reported $450,000 in wages.


Gingrich has called on rival Mitt Romney to release his own returns, part of a broad and bruising campaign to force the former chief executive of Bain Capital to explain his work in buying and selling companies and how he profited from that.

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Romney, who is worth between $190 million and $250 million, has said he pays an effective tax rate of about 15 percent, but he has declined to immediately release his returns. In last night’s debate, he hinted he would release more than one year of returns, but not until his returns for 2011 are completed in April.

Gingrich said he does not understand the wait.

“If there’s anything in there that is going to help us lose the election, we should know it before the nomination,’’ he said last night. “And if there’s nothing in there - if there’s nothing in there, why not release it?’’

The Gingriches’ 2010 returns show they paid about 31.6 percent of their adjusted income in taxes, about twice the rate of Romney’s.


Gingrich’s tax proposals call for an optional 15 percent flat income tax, which would save him hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The returns also detailed that the Gingriches paid $19,800 in alimony. The former House speaker has two ex-wives, including one, Marianne, who last night accused him of seeking an “open’’ marriage while Callista was his mistress.