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    Greed got best of doctor, juror says

    PHILADELPHIA — Dr. Kermit Gosnell proved a serene but solitary figure in the courtroom during his murder trial, in contrast to the chaotic life he built as an inner-city doctor, abortion provider, and father of six.

    Jurors who convicted him this week of killing three babies born alive at his run-down West Philadelphia clinic thought he began his career with good intentions, but then lost his way.

    ‘‘He started out as a good, practicing doctor. But eventually, it just became a money-generating machine,’’ juror Joseph Carroll said Wednesday, after Gosnell was sentenced to life in prison without parole. ‘‘Most of us felt it probably came down to a greed factor’’


    Gosnell, 72, treated the poor, immigrants, and teens. But he made millions performing abortions, charging up to $2,500 or more in cash if women were in their second or third trimester. District Attorney R. Seth Williams said Wednesday that Gosnell put women through labor, then killed their babies, ‘‘because it’s cheaper to do that.’’