Feds: NYC strippers drugged, stole from rich men

NEW YORK — It’s a tawdry tale of strippers on the prowl for men with money, drinks spiked with illegal synthetic drugs, and runaway credit card charges at topless clubs.

Some of the men say they have little or no memory of any of it. But investigators filled in the blanks for them on Wednesday by announcing the arrests of four women — all described as professional strippers — and a club manager on charges including grand larceny, assault, and forgery.

The five were accused of teaming up to rip off a combined $200,000 from a New Jersey doctor, a banker, a hedge fund executive, and a real estate attorney in a credit card scam during the last four months of 2013.


One of the women, Karina Pascucci, and the manager, Carmine Vitolo, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday in state court in Manhattan. The other three defendants were arraigned on Tuesday.