Sister of ex-Virginia governor says family finances were sound

RICHMOND — The younger sister of Bob McDonnell, the former governor of Virginia, testified on Tuesday that she had enough money to maintain the family’s real estate holdings, countering a contention by prosecutors that financial stress had made her brother vulnerable to the cash offerings of a dietary-supplement maker plying the governor with favors.

But at the same time, e-mails from the sister, Maureen Carney McDonnell, to her brother in 2009 and 2010 seemed to suggest the opposite. “We are in trouble and need to act NOW,” one e-mail in December 2009 said, suggesting a quick “short sale” on two beach properties, which would “not hurt our credit, unlike bankruptcy.”

Lawyers began their second day of testimony in their defense of McDonnell and his wife, also named Maureen, on public corruption charges stemming from claims that the couple collected $160,000 in secretive loans and gifts from the businessman, Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

New York Times