The Ebola crisis

Coverage of the outbreak that started in West Africa and has had cases pop up in the US and other parts of the world.


Understanding Ebola transmission


Ebola in the United States

A look at how the disease made it to American shores, a timeline of the outbreak, and more details on the virus.

How did Dallas nurses catch Ebola?

Thomas Eric Duncan’s medical records provide a picture of how nurses Nina Pham and Amber Joy Vinson interacted with him.

Evan Horowitz

// How the Ebola outbreak spun out of control

The virus may claim tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives before it is quelled.

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360 videos: Go inside an Ebola lab. Be a dentist. Simulate surgery

In the world of science and medicine, places like this are often reserved exclusively for highly trained specialists. Take a look inside.

Globe Magazine

Why is it so hard to track the source of a food poisoning outbreak?

As a cluster of food poisoning cases grew, Boston’s public health system mobilized to discover the source of an unusual toxin.

Liberia votes to replace Africa’s 1st female leader

Liberians chose between 20 candidates vying to succeed Africa’s first female president Tuesday, as voters picked the person they believe will best help the West African country move past the Ebola crisis that killed nearly 5,000 people.

Liberia faces key election to replace Africa’s first female leader

The election will see one democratically elected government hand power to another as a Nobel Prize-winning leader steps aside.

A thought-provoking GlobeDocs Film Festival lineup invites engagement

The issues probed in the documentaries include the squandering of food resources, urban youth violence, the failures of the criminal justice system, and more.