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Road to Yellowstone’s entrance closed by fire

Growing wildfires closed or threaten key roads at Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and forced the campground evacuations.

Appeals court allows early voting to be pared in Ohio

The court upheld an Ohio law that trims a week of early voting in the swing state, reversing a judge’s decision that had restored the time.

Tulsa man charged with murder, hate crime in slaying of Lebanese neighbor

The crime was the culmination of what authorities said was the man’s violent feud with the family that spanned several years.

Five new non-travel cases of Zika found in Florida

The Florida Department of Health is allocating another $5 million to Miami-Dade County for Zika preparedness and mosquito control.

Clinton Foundation donors got face time with secretary of state

More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money to the foundation.

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Wednesday: Dry, warmer; high 84-89, low 67-72

Zika virus can affect babies’ brains in ways beyond microcephaly

Most babies in the study were born with small brains, but others had damage to parts controlling movement, balance, speech, and thinking.

Russian cat adopts abandoned baby squirrel monkey from zoo

A Russian cat has adopted a baby squirrel monkey after he was abandoned by his mother, letting him cling to her back for warmth.

Obama visit flood-ravaged Baton Rouge, promises aid

The president sought to demonstrate that the federal government will deliver help to those who lost everything.

New York Times’ Moscow bureau was targeted by hackers

So far, there is no evidence that the hackers — believed to be Russian — were successful.

Surviving a possible Trump loss could be challenge for some GOP senators

GOP Senate candidates are maneuvering now to put as big a margin as they can between themselves and the top of the ticket.

Live: Obama speaks

President Obama is visiting victims of historic flooding in Louisiana.

N.C. trooper kills deaf man after he didn’t stop for officer’s blue lights

The 29-year-old was unarmed and likely did not understand the trooper’s commands, the man’s family said.

Flooding in Louisiana

The residents of Louisiana continue to deal with the disastrous affects of historic flooding that killed at least 17 and destroyed about 60,000 homes.

Baby among 4 killed in fire that allegedly stemmed from domestic dispute

A person returned to the Chicago building after a domestic dispute and set fire to the rear porch, according to the preliminary investigation.

Obama vows support for flood-ravaged Louisiana

“This is not a photo-op issue,” the president said. “I need all Americans to stay focused on this. . . I know you will rebuild again.”

Thousands of new Clinton e-mails to be analyzed

Her opponent in the presidential race, Donald Trump, called for a special prosecutor to be appointed “immediately.”

Voting rights restored again for 13,000 felons in Virginia

Governor Terry McAuliffe approved the action after his previous attempt was thwarted by the state Supreme Court.

Trump vows to be ‘fair, but firm’ on illegal immigration

The Republican’s shift in tone raised questions on whether he’s backtracking from previous pledges to push for mass deportations.

California court keeps teacher tenure protections

The high court decided, 4 to 3, not to review a lower court ruling that upheld tenure and other job protections.

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Police study whether speed was factor in crash that killed 5

The victims of the multivehicle crash on a major Long Island roadway included a former aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

FEMA gives grace period to renew flood insurance

The federal agency said the move gives policyholders ‘‘one less thing to worry about’’ while they’re trying to respond to the disaster.

Kirk says Obama ‘acting like drug dealer in chief’ in Iran deal

The Republican senator was referring to $400 million the US repaid to Iran when American prisoners were released.

Japanese first lady pays tribute at Pearl Harbor

Japan’s first lady visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for the first time to pay tribute to the victims of the Japanese attack 75 years ago.

Judge blocks US guidelines on transgender bathroom access

The new Obama administration rules were intended to expand restroom access for transgender students across the country.

US officials warn that Zika could spread to Gulf States

The National Institutes of Health’s Anthony Fauci said Texas and Louisiana could be vulnerable to the spread of the disease.

Federal judge temporarily blocks Obama’s transgender rules

The decision comes after Texas and 12 other states challenged the Obama administration’s directive as unconstitutional.

Hannity turns adviser in the service of Trump

Hannity uses his show on the nation’s most-watched cable news network to blare Trump’s message relentlessly.

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Monday: Comfy and dry; high 79-84, low 60-65

Louisiana’s governor pleads for donations as flood cleanup begins

About 3,200 people remained in shelters Sunday, according to state officials.

Suspect’s ex-girlfriend lived at Alabama home where 5 slain

The suspect in the killing of five people at a home in Alabama attacked them while they slept and then abducted his estranged girlfriend and an infant — both of whom were found alive, authorities said Sunday.

Home sales on the rise in Ferguson, 2 years after shooting

Two years after the unrest that followed the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer, Ferguson’s real estate market is on the rebound

Yearlong Mars simulation nears end on Mauna Loa

Six scientists are close to wrapping up a year of near isolation in a Mars simulation on a Hawaii mountain.

Paraglider dies after crashing into roof of Utah church

A man who was paragliding has died after he plunged through the roof of a Utah church.

President Obama has left Martha’s Vineyard. Now what?

President Obama is returning from vacation rested and ready for a busy fall.

Baby left alive after 5 slain in Ala.

The local district attorney said the victims were “brutally and viciously murdered” and said the crime scene was the worst she’d seen.

campaign notebook

Bernie Sanders eyes return to campaign trail — for Hillary Clinton

“I want to do everything I can to see that Secretary Clinton wins,’’ said Sanders.

Is Donald Trump alienating young Republicans?

Trump is losing millennials in droves, recent polls show. What does it mean for the party’s future?

Search for living, dead: Louisiana fights back from flooding

Search parties are going door to door looking for survivors or bodies trapped by flooding so powerful in some cases it caskets floating from cemeteries.


Yemeni rebel supporters march in capital

Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis marched in support of Shi’ite Houthi rebels and their ally, the former president.

Condemnation of charter schools exposes a rift among black Americans

With charter schools educating as many as half the students in some US cities, they have been championed as a lifeline for poor black children stuck in failing traditional public schools. The NAACP and the Movement for Black Lives, however, are calling for a moratorium.

NYC eliminates English test for yellow cab drivers

New York City taxi drivers will no longer have to pass an English test under new rules designed to make it easier for immigrants to get behind the wheel of a yellow cab.

Imam’s shooting death shakes storied immigrant neighborhood

Prosecutors haven’t been able to offer any theory explaining why the college janitor they charged with the crime, Oscar Morel, would have singled out the two victims. But people living in the Ozone Park section of Queens say it shouldn’t be taken as evidence of a rift between the culturally diverse groups that share its streets.

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In Florida, pregnant women cover up, stay inside amid Zika fears

Amanda Paradiz is 16 weeks pregnant, and she has a mission: to get through her entire pregnancy without a single mosquito bite.

CDC warns about visits to Miami

Federal health authorities suggested Friday that pregnant women and their partners consider postponing travel to all of Miami-Dade County after Florida identified a second zone of local Zika transmission, a swath of Miami Beach that includes the popular tourist magnet of South Beach.

Trump takes a rare turn for the conventional in Louisiana

The unorthodox candidate acted much like a regular politician struggling to revive a presidential bid.

At least 96 homes destroyed in Southern California wildfire

A preliminary assessment found 96 single-family homes have been destroyed in Southern California’s huge wildfire.

As Trump falters, Democrats plan to press fight for Supreme Court

The Democratic leader in the Senate threatening to stall Republican legislative priorities if no action is taken.