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US, Cuba close round of talks with no embassy announcement

The United States and Cuba still have no agreement on reestablishing embassies.

Senate rejects bill to end NSA collection of phone records

The move increases the likelihood that the controversial surveillance program will expire at month’s end.

Oil spill in California

The governor declared a state of emergency after about 105,000 gallons of oil were spilled, affecting nine miles of the scenic coast.

GM review said to find criminal wrongdoing

General Motors allegedly failed to disclose a defect tied to at least 104 deaths, and are negotiating what is expected to be a record penalty.

Calif. farmers volunteer cuts in water usage

State officials accepted an offer from some farmers to give up a quarter of their water this season.

Multiple attackers in deaths of D.C. family, police say

More than one attacker took four people captive in a Washington mansion, making them produce $40,000 before killing them.

Bipartisan Senate passes trade bill sought by Obama

The vote was 62 to 37 to give the president authority to complete trade deals that Congress could approve or reject, but not change.

Levy murder defendant may be retried

A man convicted of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy is expected to get a new trial.

Biden tells Navy graduates of role in Asia

The vice president told Naval Academy graduates that American foreign policy is rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific region.

TLC pulls show after abuse report

TLC pulled “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule on Friday following sexual misconduct allegations against one of the stars.

After week in jail, Florida mom agrees to son’s circumcision

A Florida woman’s battle with her child’s father over the boy’s circumcision ended Friday with her agreeing to the procedure.

Police say woman was found pushing dead 3-year-old son on Md. park swing

Authorities say she may have been there for hours, or even since the day before.

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Lawsuit says Fla. dentist ran ‘house of horrors,’ mistreated children

The dentist allegedly performed unneeded tooth extractions and procedures without anesthetic, a lawsuit says.

US pipeline accidents surge along with oil production boom

This week’s pipeline leak in California points out that as US oil production has soared in recent years, so has the number of accidents.

Want weather warmer than Boston? Try Alaska

Temperatures in Fairbanks today hovered at 74 degrees — higher not only than Boston, but also Dallas.

California accepts voluntary offer of 25 percent water cut by farmers

The state already has mandated 25 percent conservation by cities and towns and curtailed water deliveries to many farmers and communities.

TLC pulls ‘19 Kids and Counting’ amid molestation allegations

TLC pulled the series from its schedule after reports of sexual misconduct allegations against Josh Duggar from when he was a juvenile.

Chris Christie delivers profanity-laced jokes at N.J. event

The New Jersey governor mocked reporters at an event known for its off-color skits and envelope-pushing humor.

Hitting the road? Here are five myths about holiday traffic

As you sit on a brake-light-bathed stretch of tarmac, there will be time to consider myths about this problem of our own making.

State Dept. releases Clinton e-mails in Benghazi probe

The documents cover e-mails between 2011 and 2012 related to the Benghazi facility and its security.

What caused Calif. oil spill? Finding out could take months

The pipeline that burst, built in 1987, had no previous problems and was thoroughly inspected in 2012, according to its operator.

Ex-convict arrested in killings of wealthy D.C. family, housekeeper

Authorities believe that more than one person was responsible for the murders and blaze.

Suspect in killings of wealthy D.C. family arrested

A former Marine and ex-convict accused in the slayings of a wealthy family and their housekeeper was arrested Thursday.

Boy Scouts’ ban on gay leaders must end, its president says

Robert Gates warned the group’s executives that “we must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.”

Benghazi accounts changed quickly

Roughly 850 pages of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails from her personal account relate to Libya and the 2012 attacks in Benghazi.

Purple Heart recipient is among bikers slain in Texas

One of nine bikers killed in a Waco shootout was a Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

Suspect arrested in D.C. mansion murders

Police said Daron Dylon Wint, 34, formerly worked for the company of one of the victims.

Indiana approves needle-exchange plan

Indiana’s health commissioner approved a one-year needle-exchange program for a county plagued by an HIV outbreak.

White people moving to Detroit, city that epitomized white flight

Detroit is the latest major city to see an influx of whites who may not find the suburbs as alluring as their parents and grandparents did.

Oahu beach is named best in the US

On Thursday, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park was named the top beach on an annual top 10 list of US beaches.

6 Baltimore officers indicted in Freddie Gray’s death

A grand jury indicted the officers, who were charged in Gray’s death last month.

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Three years after Sandy, Jersey shore struggles to recover

Only now is the state getting to the last of thousands of applicants on a waiting list for New Jersey’s main rebuilding grant program.

Dr. Oz helps collapsed woman during mall event

The celebrity doctor and TV host reportedly rushed into a crowd to help a woman at a promotional event in Jacksonville.

Six Baltimore officers indicted in black suspect’s death

The state’s attorney in Baltimore says all six officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death have been indicted by a grand jury.

Boy Scouts’ leader says ban on gay adults not sustainable

Robert Gates is urging a change in policy in order to avert potentially destructive legal battles.

Obama’s trade bill clears key Senate hurdle

The bill advanced toward passage despite the strong opposition of most Democrats, including Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Georgia teacher accused of letting students have sex in classroom

An arrest warrant says the teacher arranged times with students when the classroom would be empty and gave them condoms.

Former Marine sought in murder of wealthy D.C. family

The suspect, an ex-convict who had worked for the slain businessman’s company, is believed to be in New York.

Colorado town on edge after bicyclist’s shooting death

Two recent shootings followed a series of reports of people having their windows mysteriously shattered while driving.

Oil spill spreads across 9 miles of California coast

More than 20,000 gallons reached the sea, according to officials’ estimates.

Study: Fewer kids have severe mental problems

More children and teens are taking mental health medicines than ever before.

Co-author disavows highly publicized study on public opinion and same-sex marriage

There are irregularities in the data underpinning the research, according to the scholar.

Nancy Pelosi balances Obama, constituents’ wants on trade deal

It remains to be seen if Pelosi will help get the trade bill passed.

House panel reportedly subpoenas Hillary Clinton confidant

The panel, headed by a Republican, has a number of questions for Sidney Blumenthal.

Amtrak investigators looking at engineer’s cellphone use

Officials want to see if Brandon Bostian was using his phone while at the controls.

La. governor gives legal protection to gay marriage opponents

Bobby Jindal’s executive order would protect people and businesses that do not want to participate in same-sex marriage.

Expert panel criticizes medical care at Illinois prisons

A scathing new report by court-approved researchers says there are “significant lapses” in care.

NSA data grab may end this week if legislators balk

The NSA will need to begin shutting down bulk collection of phone records on Friday if Congress doesn’t act.