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Wynn sues for libel in latest salvo over casino

The suit by casino developer Steve Wynn claims his firm has suffered from “political abuse” in its treatment in Boston.

6,000 inmates to be freed as US eases drug sentences

The effort will also help ease overcrowding at federal lockups, according to officials.

South Carolina cleans up, but worries remain amid floods

As the sun finally shined, owners of flooded homes in South Carolina pried open soggy doors and took a look at the damage for the first time.

Edward Snowden says he would go to prison to come back to the US

The former NSA contractor, who gave classified documents to WikiLeaks, said he is waiting for federal officials to respond to his offer.

Man who says he was drug enforcer pleads guilty to murders

Jose Manuel Martinez told investigators that he had killed more than 30 people, but refused to name his cartel associates.

Ten Commandments monument in Okla. quietly removed at night

The two-ton monument on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was transported to the offices of a private conservative think tank.

Judge dismisses conviction in 1990 NYC tourist killing

Johnny Hincapie broke into sobs after a judge ruled that he should have a new trial in the killing of Utah tourist Brian Watkins.

Mich. factory supervisor wins $310.5m Powerball jackpot

Julie Leach, 50, took a one-time lump payment of $197.4 million, or about $140 million after taxes.

Deportations fall to fewest since ‘06

The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006.

Who was on board the El Faro?

The cargo ship carried a crew of 33 when it sank in the Atlantic after losing engine power amid Hurricane Joaquin’s 50-foot waves and 140 mph winds.

$310.5m Powerball winner immediately quit ‘nasty, dirty’ job

The former supervisor at a Michigan fiberglass factory took a one-time lump payment of $197.4 million.

6,000 federal prisoners to be freed in largest one-time release

The move is an effort to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to drug offenders who received harsh sentences.

Oregon gunman complained about others being crazy in writings

Christopher Harper-Mercer, who killed nine people, also ranted about not having a girlfriend, an official said.

Oregon killer’s mother wrote about gun rights, troubled son

Christopher Harper-Mercer’s mother was well aware of his fascination with guns. In fact, she shared it.

Fury of storm may have been too much for El Faro crew

On a vessel buffeted by 50-foot waves and winds estimated at up to 140 mph, lifeboats become impossible to drop into the sea.

US airstrike on Afghan hospital was a mistake, general says

The strike on the clinic, which was operated by the medical charity Doctors Without Borders, killed at least 22.

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Supreme Court opens term quietly, but divisive social issues lie ahead

The Supreme Court’s new term began Monday with no cross words between the justices.

Manifesto reveals Oregon’s gunman’s frustration about not having a girlfriend

The gunman who killed nine people at a community college before killing himself also thought everyone else was ‘‘crazy,’’ a law enforcement official said.

House to vote on new speaker on October 29

Speaker John Boehner on Monday scheduled the House election to replace him for Oct. 29 and put off votes for lower-level posts until after that.

As South Carolina reels, flooding shifts toward coastline

Officials rushed to search homes, restore infrastructure and deliver drinking water after days of record-breaking rainfalls that left at least 12 people dead.

Boy, 11, accused of killing 8-year-old neighbor with shotgun

A witness said it was because the girl wouldn’t let him see her puppy.

Fifth US Circuit hears appeal of ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Lawyers for former mayor argued that a judge gave erroneous instructions to the jury.

Study finds potential problem in more heart valve implants

Although the problem appears common, experts stressed that not enough is known about the situation to change practice now.

‘Right to die’ legalized in California

Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday making California the fifth state in the nation to recognize a right to die for terminally ill patients.

Amid flooding, S.C. residents warned to be alert for alligators and snakes

The National Weather Service has advised residents to “be alert for wildlife that may have been displaced by flood waters.”

One body found, empty lifeboat located in search for crew of El Faro

The US cargo ship, which was carrying 33 people, sank after encountering Hurricane Joaquin.

In N.H., Clinton pushes new gun controls in wake of Oregon shooting

Hillary Clinton unveiled new measures aimed at strengthening background checks on gun buyers and eliminating legal immunity for sellers.

Marco Rubio seeks his moment in GOP contest — just not too soon

The Florida senator is getting new attention as Republicans search for a candidate who can be viable in the general election.

Hunt for trapped residents after S.C. flooding kills at least 11

An unprecedented low pressure system dumped more than 18 inches on one spot alone in Columbia, the state’s capital.

Afghan forces requested US airstrike that hit hospital

A top US commander said he was correcting an initial statement that the airstrike was meant to defend US forces under fire.

US, Pacific nations reach trade deal

The agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership was reached Monday after marathon negotiating sessions in Atlanta.

Clinton to unveil gun control measures

Hillary Clinton will issue proposals on Monday to curb gun violence, including holding out the potential of using executive actions.

Shootings can’t be halted, Trump says

Donald Trump sounded uncharacteristically resigned on Sunday when it came to last week’s mass shooting in Oregon.

Amid horror of school shooting, pastors reach out to mourners

A pastor whose daughter survived last week’s deadly rampage told his congregation on Sunday that “violence will not have the last word.”

Oven suspected in Minneapolis fire that killed three children

An oven used for heating may have caused a house fire in north Minneapolis that killed three young children, fire officials said.

Inmates slipping away en route to halfway houses

More than 240 inmates have slipped away from federal custody in the past three years while traveling to halfway houses.

Jason Chaffetz makes bid for House speaker

The Utah Republican and chairman of the House Oversight Committee officially entered the race on Sunday.

Obama honors courage of 87 fallen firefighters at annual memorial service

President Obama paid tribute Sunday to firefighters who died in the line of duty and cited the sacrifices they made.

Stronger gas safety rules proposed after explosion in Brooklyn home kills 1

A city official on Sunday proposed new gas safety measures after a house explosion and fire killed a woman and injured three passersby.

Rescuers struggle to reach trapped S.C. residents

The powerful rainstorm dumped more than a foot of rain overnight on Columbia, swamping hundreds of businesses and homes.

S.C. residents told to stay home amid flooding

Rain and flooding in South Carolina cut power to thousands, closed many roads, and prompted officials to tell residents to stay indoors.


Veteran shows loyalty to an Afghan who cared

John Velis, an Army veteran from Massachusetts, remembered the help he and other Americans got from a young Afghan translator.

Obama’s statement on casualties in Kunduz

President Obama said he is awaiting the results of a US inquiry before making a judgment as to what caused the incident.

South Dakota tribe to open nation’s first marijuana resort

The Santee Sioux tribe is opening the nation’s first marijuana resort on its reservation in South Dakota.

25 hurt after awning collapses at N. Carolina school

A concrete canopy collapsed on a group of high school band students gathered for a competition in North Carolina.

Abortion, birth control, race top Supreme Court’s agenda

Abortion, birth control, and race are among the most divisive issues the Supreme Court will confront this term.

Storms batter the South as a hurricane recedes

Pounded by heavy rain and an unusually high tide, Charleston was paralyzed by flash floods Saturday.

College residency rules sometimes force students to pay prohibitive costs

At least 87 US colleges and universities make first-year students attending college full time live on campus.

Survivor says gunman spared student to take package to police

As a 26-year-old killer gunned down victims inside a college classroom, he spared one student and gave him a package to deliver to authorities.