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ESPN’s Jemele Hill: ‘I deserved that suspension’

“I deserved it. Like, absolutely. I violated the policy; I deserved that suspension,’’ Jemele Hill said.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly agreed to extraordinarily large settlement in harassment case

Last January, Bill O’Reilly struck a $32 million agreement to settle sexual harassment allegations against him.

Funeral held for US soldier at center of Trump fight

‘‘It hasn’t hit me yet, I haven’t had time to grieve,’’ said US Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s sister.

For some veterans, John Kelly’s remarks add to a worrying military-civilian divide

The deaths of four soldiers this month have sparked wider debate about the civilian-military divide in the United States.

NAACP names new leader for more active future

The NAACP turned to an insider Saturday to help bring the nation’s oldest civil rights organization back to prominence.

Trump says he won’t block release of JFK assassination files

President Trump said in a tweet Saturday that he would allow the release of thousands of never publicly seen documents on President John Kennedy’s assassination.

Poll finds Las Vegas shooting doesn’t alter opinions on guns

The slaying of five dozen people in Las Vegas did little to change Americans’ opinions about gun laws, a poll finds.

Bannon faults George W. Bush for ‘destructive’ presidency

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon on Friday depicted former President George W. Bush as bumbling and inept, faulting him for presiding over a “destructive” presidency during his time in the White House.

Judge tosses $417M award against Johnson & Johnson

A Los Angeles judge has tossed out a $417 million jury award to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using Johnson & Johnson baby powder for feminine hygiene.

What Puerto Rico is doing to get the power back after storm

A month after Hurricane Maria rolled across the center of Puerto Rico, the power is still out for the vast majority of people on the island.

Google parent turns on internet balloons in Puerto Rico

Two of the search giant’s ‘‘Project Loon’’ balloons are already over the country enabling texts, emails and basic web access to AT&T customers.

Pollution kills 9 million people each year, new study finds

That means pollution kills more people each year than all war and violence in the world, the researchers said.

Lawmakers demand answers on US mission in Niger that turned deadly

Conflicting accounts have emerged about what led to the ambush in which US and Nigerian forces were ostensibly on a routine patrol.

Appeals court says immigrant teen can be denied abortion temporarily

The judges acknowledged that finding a sponsor in the United States to take custody of the teen may not be feasible.

Off-duty officer killed in Vegas shooting honored

Traffic paused for a moment on the Las Vegas Strip to mark the passing of the casket of Charleston Hartfield.

Spacewalking astronauts replace blurry camera on robot arm

Spacewalking astronauts provided some necessary focus to the International Space Station’s robot arm on Friday.

Justice Department won’t release police shooting report

A department official gave as a reason the government’s ‘‘commitment to respecting local law enforcement.’’

A Cub Scout pressed a lawmaker about gun control. Then his den kicked him out

‘‘I was shocked that you co-sponsored a bill to allow domestic violence offenders to continue to own a gun,’’ the 11-year-old said to the Colorado state senator.

Senators demand online ad disclosures as tech lobby mobilizes

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain and two Democratic senators moved on Thursday to force Facebook, Google and other internet companies to disclose who is purchasing online political advertising, after revelations that Russian-linked operatives bought deceptive ads in the runup to the 2016 election with no disclosure required.

The all-too-real perils of backyard chickens

The trend of raising backyard chickens is causing a soaring number of illnesses from poultry-related diseases.

Court to review ruling allowing abortion for immigrant teen

An appeals court on Thursday temporarily stayed a judge’s ruling that would have allowed a pregnant 17-year-old being held in a Texas facility for unaccompanied immigrant children to obtain an abortion.

Gold Star families say they want to move past politics

Families who have lost loved ones in combat are asking America’s politicians on both sides of the aisle to stand down.

In the military, trusted officers became alleged assailants in sex crimes

Army officials confirmed that eight other soldiers and civilians trained to deter sex offenses or help victims have been investigated over the past year in connection with sexual assault.

Older couples unable to escape wildfires embrace a last time

Some had just celebrated marriages of half a century or longer. They spent their time volunteering and playing with grandchildren.

White nationalist Richard Spencer drowned out by protesters

Counter demonstrators greatly outnumbered white nationalist Richard Spencer’s supporters on Thursday at the University of Florida.

George W. Bush delivers an implicit rebuke of Trump’s rhetoric

Former president George W. Bush never mentioned his name but delivered what sounded like a sustained rebuke to President Trump, decrying nationalism, protectionism and the coarsening of public debate.

Puerto Rico still stumbles in the dark a month after Maria

Roughly 80 percent of power customers remain in the dark, and another 30 percent are without water in Puerto Rico.

When Meha the terrier died, her owner’s heart literally broke, doctors say

Doctors diagnosed her with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, a condition with symptoms that mimic heart attacks.

Florida college is bracing for a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer

They tried to deny Richard Spencer a platform. Now the University of Florida is bracing for his speech.

Reflecting on the #MeToo campaign, men declare #HowIWillChange

Men have taken to social media using the hashtag #HowIWillChange to reflect on the changes they hope to make in their own lives for the sake of bettering the lives of women.

Warren takes lead role in fight against Trump tax plan

Elizabeth Warren is focusing her trademark populist style on the next big item on the Republican to-do list in Washington: overhauling the US tax code.

Jerry Sandusky denied new trial on child sex abuse charges

Jerry Sandusky lost a bid Wednesday for a new trial and a second chance to convince a jury he is innocent of the child sexual abuse charges that landed him in state prison to serve a lengthy sentence.

Man gets life term after decade awaiting murder trial

An Alabama man who spent a decade in jail on a murder charge in what his defense called a violation of the U.S. Constitution’s speedy-trial requirement, has been sentenced to life in prison, with eventual eligibility for parole.

Utah man will be tried on murder charge in girl’s suicide

A judge has ruled an 18-year-old Utah man accused of encouraging a teen friend to hang herself and filming it because he was fascinated with death should stand trial on a murder charge.

Hotel guard describes getting shot before Las Vegas massacre

The gunman who unleashed the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history first wounded an unsuspecting hotel security guard in a hallway who promptly radioed for help, according to a TV interview broadcast Wednesday with the guard and a hotel building engineer whose life he is credited with saving.

Sheriff: Fire kills Texas woman and her 5 children

A woman and her five children were killed in a fire that quickly engulfed their Texas home, authorities said Wednesday.

Police: 1 dead after man gives toddler gun to chase victim

Authorities say they have charged a man with murder after he gave a 3-year-old boy a gun and told him to chase the victim around the yard of a South Carolina home.

Corporations to keep tax break lost by millions of Americans

Millions of Americans would lose a prized tax break under President Donald Trump’s sweeping revamp of the tax code, but corporations would get to keep it.

Trump Qualifies Support for Senate Deal to Fund Health Subsidies

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Wednesday qualified his endorsement of a bipartisan Senate proposal to stabilize health insurance markets, even as the chief architect of the deal predicted that it would become law before the end of the year.

‘This is very alarming!’: Flying insects vanish from nature preserves

Between 1989 and 2016, according to a report, the biomass of flying insects captured in these regions decreased by a seasonal average of 76 percent.

Manhunt underway for gunman in Maryland office park shooting

A man with a lengthy criminal past who was fired from a job earlier this year for punching a colleague showed up for work at a countertop company as scheduled on Wednesday and started shooting five of his co-workers, authorities said. Three of them were killed and two critically wounded.

Sessions defends Comey firing, ties it to Clinton email case

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday strongly defended President Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey, linking the FBI director’s abrupt dismissal to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. But he refused to discuss any private conversations he had with the president leading up to Comey’s firing and would not say if he had discussed with the president an FBI investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Twelve days of silence, then a swipe at Obama: How Trump handled four dead soldiers

Communicating empathy and compassion has been for the president like speaking ‘‘a foreign language,’’ said a former adviser in George W. Bush’s White House.

It’s hard for flowers to show blue, but some have a trick the bees like

Some flowers have found a nifty way to get the garden buzzing.

Judge orders Trump administration to allow abortion for undocumented teen

The federal judge made the ruling after saying she was ‘‘astounded’’ the Trump administration was trying to prevent the procedure.

Suspect in custody after shooting spree in Maryland, Delaware

A gunman opened fire in a Baltimore-area community on Wednesday, killing three co-workers and wounding two others.

Senate moves ahead on GOP budget that’s key to taxes

The nonbinding budget plan would permit Republicans to pass follow-up tax cuts later this year that would cost up to $1.5 trillion over the coming decade.

Judge: ‘Breathtaking’ lack of leadership on Flint water

The federal judge ordered Flint, Mich., to choose a long-term source of drinking water by next week.

Pilot in deadly hot air balloon crash was impaired, investigators say

Valium, oxycodone, and a high dosage of the over-the-counter antihistamine Benadryl were found in Alfred ‘‘Skip’’ Nichols’s system.

Senators have deal on health subsidies, and Trump supports it

The president insisted, though, that he’d move forward to repeal Barack Obama’s signature health law.