Patrick’s selections leave imprint on Mass. judiciary

Governor Deval Patrick appeared with Justice Roderick Ireland after he was confirmed as the new Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court in December 2010.

David L Ryan/Globe staff file

Governor Patrick has appointed nearly half of the state’s 411 judges, creating along the way a substantially more diverse bench.


Mitt Romney’s 2016 chances look good

Charlie Baker’s election shows the GOP should draft a centrist.

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Political Happy Hour: December 24, 2014

Political Happy Hour: Gov-elect, cardinal at Pine Street Inn | Conn. holiday new$ dump | ‘The Interview’ coming to Cambridge | Dumplings

Charlie Baker, Cardinal O’Malley visit Pine Street Inn

A holiday tradition brought the governor-elect and Cardinal O’Malley to one of the region’s largest homeless shelters.

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Democrats best at tapping rich for political cash

Among the top 100 individual donors to political groups, more than half gave primarily to Democrats or their allies.

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Newcomers on Beacon Hill

November’s election swept in a bevy of new Beacon Hill denizens, from freshly minted legislators to top aides. By Joshua Miller

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Hillary Clinton isn’t the first woman to have run for president — not by a long shot. See how many women who have run for president you remember.

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